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can you edit a post you have written?

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carlaboyle1984 · 24/03/2016 07:52

I made a spell error on a recent reply to a post and it's bugging me. How do I edit a post?

OP posts:
PurpleDaisies · 24/03/2016 07:53

You can't. It's really annoying.

DonkeyOaty · 24/03/2016 07:56

No sorry, you can't, that facility doesn't exist here

A good tip is to write your post, press "preview", proof read then press "post"

Hope you're enjoying finding your way around MN!

legotits · 24/03/2016 07:58

Nah your mistakes live on Grin

Develop it into passive aggressive comments.

For example:
I think you are being a can't.
Then blame a typo and say you meant disingenuous Wink

legotits · 24/03/2016 07:59

Cunt not can't Hmm

squishee · 24/03/2016 08:04

I wish you could. Half the posts on MN are now corrections of damn you autocorrect moments. Or irrelevant detail that the OP thinks really is worth adding a second or third post for Grin

Scottishthreeberry16 · 24/03/2016 08:38

'I think you were being a can't '.

This works so much better. I might adopt this.

thecatfromjapan · 24/03/2016 08:49

'Can't' is pretty good. Sounds like a Guy Ritchie film.

usual · 24/03/2016 08:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sparklingbrook · 24/03/2016 08:58

I think there should be a timed facility. Any longer than that and everyone would be rewriting history.

starjumper · 24/03/2016 09:12

I thought 'you're bring a can't' was the point of the post! Double bluff!

DonkeyOaty · 24/03/2016 09:31

Hah at being a can't

Reminds me of that poster who was banging on about cancel houses (she was pulling our legs I reckon!)

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