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Not a good day

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Nowwhat123 · 09/05/2023 14:17

Im not having a good day. I'm mid cycle and completely controlled by my emotions around my cycle my moods gets worse the nearer to my cycle I get. Today my head is loud I feel all hyped And thoughts are racing through my head the ear worm songs are so loud also when I feel like this 🫨 feel like this emoji. Also tearful
Any ideas how to get through this type of day
Fyi I'm awaiting assessment for ADHD and autism. Thanks

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Craftycorvid · 10/05/2023 07:35

Oof! I feel your pain. I used to feel as if a layer of emotional skin had been peeled off when I was mid-cycle, pre-menstrual (now post-meno’). What worked for me: soft and comforting fabric to wear, so you have as little as possible to irritate an already primed nervous system; if possible, try to manage your day to include things that are calming and regulating - a walk outside, a scented bath, whatever it is. I also got used to explaining to hormonal me that everything is amplified by the hormonal lens and will look a shade different in a week or so.


Nowwhat123 · 10/05/2023 10:50

Thanks for your reply I think I may be in the earliest parts of peri menopause though my blood tests would say different I'm getting alot of the symptoms hot flushes insomnia etc to add to this. I've often wondered if it's pmdd before the whole ADHD stuff came up when doing my child's referral.

Feeling pretty grumpy again today and I'm trying to self talk that in a few days it will settle again. The peaceful side of things is harder as I've got a young family and a very demanding toddler.

Thank you though X

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