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Moving house with ASD - help!

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TimeToBreakFree · 03/05/2023 09:11

I'm moving house this week with autistic DS Secondary School, aged.
He's been silently dreading it, and the GP advice was that it's not the four walls that people with autism get attached to as much as the items within the four walls, so to be able to take some of the things with him will make the biggest difference of all.

I made sure I packed his room last, but he's unable to sleep at night because the pictures are of the wall and there are boxes everywhere. He's so unsettled he struggle to going to school today.

Naturally, I want to do all I can to support him through this, and I wondered if there is anything else I can do in order to ease the transition for him. I also wondered how long it takes people from your own experience, either personally, or as a parent, to settle in a house move. The not knowing how long it's going to last for him that can sometimes be hard.

OP posts:

Mabelface · 03/05/2023 09:50

As soon as you possibly can, make his new room look as similar to the old one as possible, from the pictures on the wall to where his furniture is placed. I've moved so many times and it takes a couple of months for me to settle fully in my new place, but once I am settled, I'm good.

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