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Is it worth getting a diagnosis for myself?

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SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 27/04/2023 21:53

In the last month DC1 has been diagnosed with ADHD and we've been told by Community Paediatrics that DD shows severe ASD traits but could take a fair while to get a diagnosis.

I think I probably have both and it would explain a huge amount about my choices and behaviour.

Is it worth seeking a diagnosis for myself?

OP posts:

Behindtheback · 27/04/2023 23:07

One of my reasons for pursuing my own diagnosis is to make a stronger case for my dd who masks brilliantly.

And also because I want to see if medication could make a difference for me- I think my adhd impacts my ability to parent particularly with the extra challenges of ND dc.


BlackeyedSusan · 27/04/2023 23:33

Yes. It's worth it.


Craftycorvid · 28/04/2023 07:49

I’m glad I did it. I only got my diagnosis this week so it’s sinking in, but at the same time I have suspected for a long time so it isn’t shocking. I’m older (mid 50s) and I guess some might say ‘why bother’ given that I have successfully dealt with a lot of obstacles in my life ie I was obviously doing OK without a diagnosis so what would having one add? Knowing some more of the reasons why some of the obstacles were there to begin with has helped me to separate what was likely to have been just those life circumstances at that time from what is likely to recur in some form or other due to my way of being. For example, I feel far less apologetic for needing time away from people in order to re-charge because if I don’t I’ll wind up depressed and frazzled; and I am accepting of the fact that taking people at face value can be a lovely gift that unfortunately some people will use and abuse - that last one is a tough one! A diagnosis has also explained my parents to me in a way years of therapy has not (they were almost certainly both autistic). A diagnosis has given me back my childhood in a way therapy did not quite manage to do (excellent though it was and is).


WeirdPookah · 28/04/2023 12:41

@Craftycorvid oh wow, that last bit of your post has verbalised something I didn't even realise for myself.


Plantymcplantface · 04/05/2023 23:17

Thanks for this thread and especially for your insight @Craftycorvid . In a very similar place to the OP here too


SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 06/05/2023 17:04

Thank you to everyone who has responded and thank you @Craftycorvid for your very eloquent response Flowers

OP posts:

Sprinkles211 · 07/05/2023 07:42

Yes go for it. I'm 36 recieved mine (adhd) exactly 3 weeks ago, I'd been seeking help since the age of 15 as a child assessed for autism told I was just a bit naughty to my face by the assessor. After that gp put me on anti depressants from 15 to 30 on and off saying it was depression and moodswings. At 21 I was told it was cyclothymia mild bipolar given medication that made me lose words and slur speech made me feel like one day I was going to end up in an institution I was terrified of myself none of it seemed to fit me or how I felt so I believed I must be really bad and everyone sees this crazy woman. Que major anxiety and self hatred. I already criticised my self badly anyway but became so self aware and so low in confidence (still wasn't depressed) I isolated myself I have 3 children 15 girl asd mainstream school doing well academically, middle girl 7 extreme complex needs including medical need special school diagnoses includes asd and adhd, 3rd is only 12 weeks so we will see in time. I'm furious that my diagnosis came so late in life and had to go private in the end I could of achieved so much with my life if I was listened too and diagnosed earlier, I'm still working through all the emotions of my childhood and opportunities that I had tried so hard at and failed and almost rewriting them in my head forgiving myself one by one. My medication although new has been life changing already and for the first time in a long time I have Hope and a little bit of love for myself, I'm planning to study again and allow myself some dreams and goals without the instant pang of failure. So I would go for it and if you can afford it go private don't let it take anymore of your life away then it needs to the waiting lists particularly for adults are years long and in particular adhd has treatment options that really do change your life xx


Plantymcplantface · 08/05/2023 15:37

has anyone had a positive recent experience using a private provider for adult diagnosis please?


SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 09/05/2023 07:42

@Sprinkles211 I'm so sorry that you had to go through all of that 

@Plantymcplantface hopefully someone will be along soon with some suggestions.

OP posts:

Plantymcplantface · 10/05/2023 09:12

@SiouxsieSiouxStiletto thank you

@Sprinkles211 thats a lot to cope with. Sorry you have had so much on your plate.

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