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Zoning out / scrambled brain / awful memory & careless - do Meds help?

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Scenglish · 22/04/2023 08:46

On a 6 year (Scotland) wait for ADHD assessment. DS diagnosed a few years ago and since have started to wonder whether I have inattentive type. Lots of examples going back to childhood - old school reports full of feedback about being disorganised, lacking attention to detail and being distracted.

Am now in my 50’s and finding that work is very challenging. Busy corporate job with multiple concurrent complex projects and far too many back to back zooms.

My biggest problem is a huge inability to concentrate on calls unless it is a small group or 1:1 conversation (and even then I can zone out). It’s almost like when you’re falling asleep watching the TV. You know it’s happening but you’re not aware of the details. Im not thinking about anything else but am definitely not paying attention to the conversation. Then I kind of wake up and concentrate. But will then zone out again. Have always found lectures, and any kind of training impossible to pay attention to. It can feel like my brain is scrambled and things are not connecting. If I do something else - e.g go for a walk it’s easier but so much of my work requires staring at a screen and collaborating with others. I can also find this a challenge in group chats with friends.

I also have very poor attention to detail and make careless mistakes even when I’m trying not to.

Does this sound like ADD? And if so, would meds help? Appreciate menopause could also be playing a part albeit not the root cause based on history and also on HRT.

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stopthepigeon · 22/04/2023 09:01

There is an ADHD/hormone connection, including effects from the decline in oestrogen associated with menopause.


Scenglish · 22/04/2023 09:10

That’s interesting. It’s definitely not new but the last week has been hellish. I’d put it down to the volume & complexity of work where the details keep changing so it’s hard to track what’s going on.

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