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Noise sensitivity

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mistymoon7 · 21/04/2023 21:30

I'm not sure why this is getting worse but I've noticed that as I'm getting older I'm struggling more and more with noisy environments. I've noticed you can get earplugs now like "loop" and "calmer" that claim to take the edge of noise but without muffling. Has anyone tried anything like this? Do they work?

OP posts:

PinkBuffalo · 21/04/2023 23:00

I am the same the older I get I am becoming more and more like the 5 year old I was so I really understand

I have no tried earplugs I think I would struggle especially where I get hot and sweaty in the gym every day

I use ear defenders they look a bit like headphones but are a nice purple colour
i have to wear them every day in the gym cos it is just so noisy there I see if I can get a link cos they 100% do the job for me


BertieBotts · 22/04/2023 07:37

I am always put off the loop ones because I don't like the feeling of earplugs in my ears, so I worry that they would be uncomfortable.

I think they do have a money back guarantee so it's probably worth trying out.


Craftycorvid · 22/04/2023 08:32

Same! In fact, I’ve just been sitting here pondering whether I’m just more sensitive to noise now or whether I was just more resigned to ploughing on through it before? It could be both, of course. I use the Flare Audio ‘Calmer’ ear buds which do help take the painful edge off sirens, motorbikes etc


CosmoFluff · 22/04/2023 09:15

I love my Loop earplugs! I have raging misophonia and other sound sensitivity too and they really do take the edge off a lot and stop me feeling so tense and on edge constantly. The one downside is that they make my voice echo inside my head a bit, but I THINK they might have a new type now that is meant to reduce that (I need to investigate!)

I was reluctant to spend the money at first, especially as ear plug type things often seem to fall out of my ears (I tried the Calmer brand too and they just wouldn’t stay in!) but Loop are really secure and pretty comfy too.

(I don’t work for them I promise! They genuinely do massively help me though!)


Afonavon · 22/04/2023 12:47

I have he Calmer/Flare ones. They work in the sense of muting the high/loud frequencies. However, I don’t love the feeling of wearing them. DS has the loop ones and really likes them.


Punxsutawney · 23/04/2023 10:06

I use loop quieter when I'm in busy places and don't need to talk, as I have severe anxiety around loud noise and unexpected noise and they take the volume down a lot.
I'm looking at other loops now that would allow me to hear conversations and talk as I think they would be useful in some circumstances.


xyxygy · 23/04/2023 14:29

I've tried the Calmer ones, and they did very little for me. Worse, they made me feel more isolated from the world, which meant I couldn't hear what was going on near me well enough, which caused more of an anxiety issue.

I've said it before, but...if you can afford the Sennheiser Momentum 3 earbuds (v pricey, at £240), they've changed my life. When I'm in crowded or noisy environments, the transparent noise-cancelling solves the problem completely - it reduces the hundreds of noise sources (ie people) down to two, left and right, which helps enormously while also letting me hear what's happening near me (like DP talking to me) and letting me turn the world up or down with the app on my phone.

Genuinely an amazing bit of kit. I barely use them as actual headphones, although they're also probably the best-sounding headphones I've ever owned - even better than my studio monitors.


Plantymcplantface · 03/05/2023 22:28

I have loop ones. Brilliant for me. They take the noise level down to a level I can cope with. I use them especially in the car when my kids are in the back. My noise sensitivity has got a lose worse with menopause and well as suspected ND. Highly recommend them.

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