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Terrified of side effects - help please!

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Nickersnackersnockers · 19/04/2023 11:03

The list of potential side effects for adhd meds is terrifying. Yes, I know the side effects for paracetamol are too, but I would really appreciate some rational comments!

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Mabelface · 19/04/2023 17:34

They have to list every potential side effect, proven or not to cover their arses. Also, the effects wear off quickly when you stop taking them.

For me, it's been a slightly dry mouth and reduced appetite. Oh, and my head is quiet and my anxiety is at normal, human level and I can actually concentrate on things and spend less money.


Nickersnackersnockers · 19/04/2023 21:02

Thank you. Its so great to hear that you're having good results. Dd spends money she doesn't have and her head is chaos.

The other thing that concerns me is some meds also prevent decent sleep. One of dd's real issues is her brain wakes her up in the night and starts its day, so less sleep would be terrible. How is your sleep?

OP posts:

Dinobooklover · 20/04/2023 07:25

I'm also on meds, and I never have issues with sleep. Only side effects I get is reduced appetite (which is great bc I used to binge eat for dopamine, I don't now) and also slight dry mouth. Like mabelface my head is clearer and I have less anxiety. They're no magic fix, but my mental health has improved. I also no longer spend impulsively which is great for my bank account.


Lalalalala555 · 20/04/2023 12:26

I started some this year and i worried a lot.

If you start at a low dose, and you are guided by a medical professional then you're in good hands.

I was so nervous. But you can always remember you can stop taking them.

I wasnt convinced, but then, why not try something that could massively improve your life. If you don't like it or want to stop you can
But it's good to get help finding something that helps so you have it if you want or need it.

In the past few months I have really just done so much for myself. I feel like before meds I lived life overwhelmed hanging by a thread. Constantly dreading admin and banking and getting ill and stressed.

Meds help so much. I just feel that bit calmer and it makes things I know I need to do to benefit myself so much easier.

For instance since meds, I opened a lisa, got my first credit card, set up auto transfers. Started doing well at work. Have been able to stick at things and just generally cope somewhat with life.

It gives me hope that rather than having this potential that I can never live up to, maybe I can.

I know I'm intelligent, but I struggled with studying. With meds I feel like I have hope that I can actually achieve so much and give back to the world.
I can improve my life. And also be more capable then to be able to be there for people I care about.

I think without meds I was shaving years off my life living in so much stress and anxiety. And also having a bumpy time getting ill. And not being able to deal with life admin.

Even if i just use them to set myself up. I'm so grateful to have something that helps.
Its the difference between knowing you're smart but feeling like a failure and behind for your age and for your potential and being way behind where someone of your iq should be.

To suddenly being able to be on more of a level playing field. I have more of a chance to get stuff done so I can get my life on track.

Putting a price on that is pretty hard to explain.

But I got to a point where I had pretty much given up on everything
And now I have hope. And also that I can help others.


Mabelface · 20/04/2023 12:30

No sleep issues here! In fact, as my brain is quieter it's easier to fall asleep. I also don't have to immediately get up on waking due to the noise in my brain.


Lalalalala555 · 20/04/2023 14:22

I feel a bit bad that I wrote so much and diverged.

I don't have sleep side effects from meds. If anything I probably sleep better because I generally worry less now, because I have less to worry about, because things don't pile up so much, because I am able to tackle things.

I spoke to my specialist last night as I'm in the process of trialing out meds, and she said meds can sometimes actuallylly help people sleep.

The bad side effects I get are
-dry mouth (I feel thirsty)
-I get a bit shaky (same as if I have a coffee on an empty stomach) but that's because I'm not sure if my dose is a bit too high. I'm still testing things under supervision.

  • maybe a bit upset bowel movements
  • colder feet and hands

I am worried long term the side effects may be bad. But I am quite young and spent all of my twenties really suffering from adhd effecting me. So quite keen to take meds for a bit and get my life to a place where its easier to maintain

Mabelface · 20/04/2023 14:24

Reduce coffee if you're on meds. I can only have one caffeine fix a day now or I get shaky and jittery.


Lalalalala555 · 20/04/2023 14:38

Thanks yeah i have reduced it. I asked about the shakes last night. Apparently if you have food before you take meds the rate of absorption slows.

(it's like having alcohol or coffee on an empty stomach)

So she said having food in the system would help. Maybe not solve.

But yes also less caffeine.
I have one cup of tea now but may have to cut that out. I was having mint tea but my god I love tea.


Nickersnackersnockers · 20/04/2023 18:18

Thanks everyone, lalala you have not overshared at all. Really helpful actually as my dd struggles massively with stress and anxiety too. She becomes so overwhelmed that rather than face the day she will just stay in bed and hide from the world. Then she becomes ill from the stress and lack of sleep she can't go to work. It's just a continuous vicious circle of misery for her.

It's so reassuring to hear that side effects seem to be at a minimum, and sleeping is not an issue for you all.

OP posts:

Lalalalala555 · 21/04/2023 14:05

If you're going to try meds for the first time. Start with a small dose. And also take them on a full stomach (my practitioner didn't specify this) but I later asked about it. And it does slow the absorption so should be less of a sudden spike when they start to act.
Which means if on the first time taking them you don't get along with them, the experience should hopefully be a bit less bad.
Also no caffeine would be wise.
I stupidly have started drinking caffeine again because I love a cup of tea in the morning and I think in life that's maybe the one thing I have a bit of an addiction to.

But yeah. Meds aren't just for getting work done.
They help with not getting overwhelmed and being able to handle things just that bit easier emotionally.
Plus I find I get less grumpy when I'm underestimulated if I'm on meds rather than not. I sadly get a bit tetchy if I have not done enough sport or had enough stimulation. I get quite frustrated and it builds up. Meds help dampen that a bit.
Makes dull days that bit easier.

I personally would say they're worth trying out. No one is going to force you to keep taking them, but it's useful to see if you can get something that you have to help.


Nickersnackersnockers · 21/04/2023 20:15

Good tips lalala thank you! My dd doesn't drink tea or coffee but does have the odd energy drink so that is worth remembering, along with taking meds on a full stomach.

Can I ask which med you are on please and if you were assessed privately or on the NHS. I am so nervous about starting the process....

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