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Refused referral after right to choose?

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TellHimDirectlyInDetail · 03/04/2023 17:04

Has anyone used the right to choose to try to get an austism and/or ADHD assessment and then been refused?

I spoke to my GP over a year ago about me wanting an autism assessment. I don't think he did anything about it and I was too timid to chase it up.

The other week I submitted a write to choose letter and screening form and when I spoke to him he just fobed me off...said it hasn't been scanned in yet so he hasn't seen it and then went on about there being a funding problem but he didn't mention the organisation that I did the right to choose with so I don't think that was relevant information.

I hate the thought of having to call up at 8am to get a phone appointment just to say have you received the right to choose letter. I don't want to take up a GP appointment to chase up admin.

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PritiPatelsMaker · 03/04/2023 17:24

Could you phone the receptionist later in the day to ask them what's happening? It might save you the stress of ringing at 8 am Flowers


Tarantellah · 03/04/2023 23:31

My understanding is that right to choose allows you to choose the provider for an assessment that a GP has referred you for. It doesn’t allow you to insist the GP must refer you if they haven’t already done so.


TellHimDirectlyInDetail · 04/04/2023 08:29

@Tarantellah yeah I know

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TellHimDirectlyInDetail · 04/04/2023 08:29

@PritiPatelsMaker yeah I should do that

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