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Autistic burnout/shutdown - how to explain it

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AutisticLegoLover · 13/03/2023 07:19

I need to get my mum to understand that I'm struggling with being her carer sometimes and need time to myself, particularly I need head space. I'm waiting for a carers assessment but in the meantime is there any way I can explain the looming burnout/shutdown to her? I do have 2 consecutive days to myself this week but unless I'm ill with something contagious I don't usually get that. I have 3 dc and 2 are ND for sure. I'm worn out but can't explain myself well and I always feel like I'm being unreasonable. That's a result of growing up being told my feelings aren't valid and that I'm unreasonable for many, many things. Mum and I have a very close relationship and I'm happy to be her carer but I'm so tired at the moment.

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BrightWater · 13/03/2023 11:56

Bless you, what a lot on your plate Flowers Can you use thr Spoon Theory to try to explain it to her? Would she be receptive to that?


AutisticLegoLover · 30/03/2023 07:46

I'm sorry for not coming back to the thread. I appreciated your reply and used it to explain. I had to look it up first to make sure I was explaining it properly. Mum did try saying well it could apply to anyone but I quickly shut down that nonsense.
I have covid at the moment and feel like I've got no spoons at all😩

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