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I need a pat on the back

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MunchMonster · 08/03/2023 22:03

I first spoke to my GP about my suspision of me being autistic over a year ago. I don't think he need anything about it and I rarely chased it up with him out of embarrassment and feeling like I'm making a fuss over nothing.

Today I completed the right to choose forms and handed them in. Aparently the wait time is only 6 months with psychiatry uk so I am feeling hopeful.

It took a lot for me to get to this point and I am feeling proud of myself!

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NowDoYouBelieveMe · 08/03/2023 22:52

Well done OP! It's great that you have taken control of the situation. I know that feeling of 'imposter syndrome', it can really hold ppl back esp when your GP isn't cooperating or taking it seriously enough, so it's good that you've sought out another avenue. You deserve to get the support and understanding you need.


Mabelface · 08/03/2023 22:56

Have a round of applause 👏 too!


MunchMonster · 13/03/2023 21:51

Thank you. I wonder what if I need to chase it up with GP. I really don't want to. I'd love it if I just received an email from psychiatry UK to say they've received a referral for me and that I'm on the waiting list.

The screening test that I did to go along with the right to choose letter didn't give me the results so I don't know if my GP will determine from them that I need to be referred.

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