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Xaggitin XL side effects

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uhtredbebbanburg · 05/02/2023 15:51

Hello everyone. It's my first time on this board. After years of MH problems, my DD was diagnosed with ASD at 15 and now also diagnosed with ADHD at 16. The diagnosis for ADHD was last week and it was recommended that she starts on Xaggitin XL. We started yesterday because it would be easier to monitor at the weekend. She was okay after taking it yesterday morning but this morning came into my room early (unusual for her to be up anytime before 10 on a Sunday) and said she had really bad period cramps. I gave her a warm breakfast, some paracetamol and she took her Xaggatin tablet. She went to sit on the sofa and was moaning softly and I kept an eye on her. She then threw up all over the kitchen floor. After that, she went to bed and has been asleep ever since, so about 5 hours and I've been checking in on her. Is this just a coincidence and she has a stomach bug? Or is it a side effect of Xaggitin? I'll email her psychiatrist tomorrow but since it's Sunday I can't ask a professional. I couldn't find too much detail on nausea / vomiting side effects on line. Thanks in advance!

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