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Comprehensive ND assessment for adults?

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AshGirl · 05/02/2023 09:08

I have an ADHD diagnosis (private psychiatrist) but would really like to have a more comprehensive assessment as I strongly suspect I am autistic and dyspraxic as well. What I have in mind is a detailed formal assessment (maybe including a speech and language therapist?) which would highlight those areas where I differ from the 'norm' so I can better understand my strengths / weaknesses.

My DS has significant SEND and is awaiting an ASD assessment, and I'd like to understand my own issues in more detail so I can help support him better too.

I don't really like my current psychiatrist, and he was quite dismissive when I said I would like to be assessed for ASD as well. I didn't have the energy to push back at the time and felt it was more important to get the ADHD diagnosis and get on meds, which I now have. The ASD traits feel very personal / sensitive and I don't want to open up to him about these.

My DH also needs the same as he is still waiting for ASD / ADHD assessment, which is a whole other issue!

Any recommendations / experiences?

Thanks in advance! Smile

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