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Mentoring ADHD colleague

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Fizzink38 · 29/01/2023 15:03

Firstly, apologies if this is in completely the wrong place, feel free to redirect me.
I've been asked to mentor a junior colleague. I was part of her interview panel a year ago, really like her, she seemed sparky and fun and enthusiastic. Her yearly contract is up for renewal and her current line manager is not a fan. Her attendance isn't great (and the role is mostly from home so our attendance figures are usually pretty good) and it seems she hasn't been very reliable.

In passing, her current line manager mentioned that this colleague is has ADHD.

I want to be able to help if I can, and I feel that the attitude towards her condition has not been helpful, possibly out of ignorance. Thought I'd try to gather some info before I take on the role. I don't wish to patronise her in any way but also this is a bit of a last chance. I'd really appreciate some insight into the struggles she may be facing and what, if anything, I can do to help.

OP posts:

BertieBotts · 29/01/2023 16:50

It's difficult because every person with ADHD will have different challenges, and especially if it was diagnosed in adulthood, often various coping strategies, some helpful, some less so.

Does she know that you know about her ADHD? It might feel a bit intrusive if you just suddenly spring it on her. Especially if you then launched into well I know people with ADHD struggle with XYZ so I've made you solution ABC (99% chance whatever this is won't work for her).

As a first port of call, I'd probably ask her what she feels she is struggling with and/or what help she might think of that could be useful.

For practical solutions, there's a system called Collaborative Problem Solving by Dr. Ross Greene which I've always thought would be useful in a mentoring context (Raising Human Beings is probably the best primer) - except that it's designed as a parenting book/approach, so you would want to be careful that it's nor patronising.

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