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I was supposed to tidy up for New Year

4 replies

EmmaAgain22 · 31/12/2022 21:42

And I'm just sitting around bored.

anyone else?

OP posts:

PinkBuffalo · 01/01/2023 22:10

Tidying up is my worst enemy my house is a mess
I went out for a long run instead to avoid it ☹️


Catterpillarwithconverse · 03/01/2023 17:57

Yes! I've been home for an hour with no children at an ideal time to tidy. But have I done any tidying? no! Have I wasted time in MN? Yes!


Catterpillarwithconverse · 03/01/2023 18:00

I know what till happen. 5 mins before I have to leave to collect children I will start to blitz the house but it won't be enough time. Then I'll berate myself for not starting sooner.


ofwarren · 04/01/2023 11:46

I'm waiting till tomorrow when the kids go back to school.
There is so much to do though, it's overwhelming

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