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Weightloss with ADHD (not diagnosed)

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Fiadh79 · 19/12/2022 13:07

I believe I have ADHD, and am relatively new to understanding this. I don't have a diagnosis.

I am overweight and over the years have tried to lose weight many times. And always failed! I did lose about 10kg very slowly (as in, it took over a year), and have succeeded in not putting that back on, but am still comfortably in the obese category.

If I understand rightly, it's the dopamine hit of having some extra food that causes problems for people with ADHD. Is that right? I know lots of my slim colleagues talk about having a treat on a Friday or whatever, I consider I treat myself at least twice a day!

Just wondered if anyone has any tips for losing weight with ADHD? Or if anyone wants to share their struggles!

OP posts:

DrSmoot · 20/12/2022 11:32

You may have ADHD but you also may need to consider if you are using the possibility of having ADHD as an excuse for your weight.

There are several people with ADHD in my family, the only one overweight is an 8 year old who, sadly, is fed ready meals, nuggets & chips, takeaways etc. I do eat chocolate, crisps and cake daily. I’m not a ‘treat once a week’ person. I’m thin (under 9 stone) because I stick to calorie targets so, whilst I may eat a share bag of minstrels to myself, I don’t eat them and a meal iyswim.

10kg is a great amount to lose so well done, you obviously know how to lose weight and being speedy about it isn’t important tbh. Have you tried using a calorie tracker such as My Fitness Pal? It might be beneficial for you to have a visual accountability like that & it helps you to know and recognise how many calories you are eating.

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