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Sleep issues with potential adhd

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beststepforward · 18/12/2022 20:16

My son is 3.5 and really really struggles to switch off. Bedtimes are a nightmare. Constant in and out, constant chatter etc it's like his brain just can't switch off.

Any suggestions please? I sit beside him or sit outside the room and both stimulate him. I literally can't leave him to it otherwise he would never settle. Short of locking him in his room (joke) please give me suggestions 😩😩

OP posts:

Goodywhoshoes · 18/12/2022 21:03

When DS was assessed they gave him a wind down relaxation to sleep CD to play. Could you try something like that on an Alexa or an app or something something?

The fact that DS then told them he puts it on for a second and third time amazed them. Apparently they’ve never had anyone not be asleep by the end of it before! He was a nightmare sleeper. He was eventually prescribed melatonin but even that didn’t work brilliantly. I feel your pain.


SweetpeaTeaParty · 01/02/2023 08:29

That sounds so hard.
My dc is 8, so a bit older but we've been trying lots of things for years. I'm not sure if any of this week be helpful but i hope so!

What works right now is prescribed melatonin recommended by the GP, plus a weighted blanket and a weighted eye mask, sometimes with some soft music. I read until DC yawns x2 then mask on and I let DC drift off.

Before this we used a tart cherry supplement with natural serotonin and this was really great, not quite as effective as the prescribed melatonin but actually very good! At various times I have used recordings of myself reading stories, other podcast stories, rain audio or soft music has helped a bit too. To help relax and lie still we've tried yoga nidra, I've also done massge before bed which might be just a short hand or foot rub with lotion, or legs if they are restless to help them 'get sleepy'. All have helped a little and then it was like the novelty wore off so we just kept trying different things.

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