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Heightened autistic traits

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glossyglossy9 · 12/12/2022 22:53

Do you recognise when your 'traits' are heightened and why this is likely to happen?

I've noticed lately I'm getting words wrong, experiencing face blindness, being more clumsy etc.

Last time this happened was about 5 months ago. I actually ended up in hospital as it got worse and doctors were worried it was something else. I remember being stressed and burnt out at the time but didn't realise it until after really.

Does anyone else experience this when they're stressed or any other times?

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AshGirl · 13/12/2022 07:52

Yes! I think this is very common but don't know if the traits are worse or if my coping mechanisms are just more likely to fail when I am stressed / anxious.

It's helped me a lot to recognise this is what is happening and roll with it where I can, rather than trying to fight it. Can you schedule in some downtime - this would be lying on the sofa under a heavy blanket for me but you may have different strategies.


WeirdPookah · 13/12/2022 12:28

As the previous poster said, it's a pretty common experience, when we are getting more stressed by outside things, and there is plenty of that at the moment all around, it reflects in our ability to cope and get along with things.

Recognising it is a big step towards helping manage it before it get un-manageable again, by doing what you can to mitigate the stressors, or if you can't, finding your down time and "recharge your batteries"


xyhere · 13/12/2022 16:36

Yes. Whether it's part of being autistic for me, or something else, I suffer from insomnia and it will periodically get worse in severe episodes that result in only an hour or two of sleep per night for weeks.

When that happens, all of my unhelpful traits get worse - sensory issues, ability to deal with people (mask) at work, inertia, lack of focus etc. That's in addition to the stuff that comes with being sleep-deprived, like making mistakes and lack of attention to detail, and all my strengths disappear too.

Usually, I try to take a day or two off work if it's practical, get some melatonin or Amitriptyline, and try to reset my sleep schedule. There really isn't anything else I can adopt as a coping strategy...I just need the world to bugger off while I sort myself out.


Clarice99 · 13/12/2022 17:15

Yes, this type of thing happens to me, usually when I'm sleep deprived, or I've taken on too much work, or when I feel overloaded with 'things' I need to do (targets set by myself usually which is bloody stupid) and then I go into a tailspin when I don't achieve what I set myself. I can become quite chaotic, or just completely crash.

I'm sometimes often my own worst enemy.

To reset, I will plan my week, take time off work if possible, have a couple of days doing nothing, no targets, no pressure, catch up on sleep, go out for a walk and just generally be kinder to myself. The good thing is, I recognise when I'm going downhill.


glossyglossy9 · 13/12/2022 21:48

Thank you for all your comments.
I agree with coping mechanisms starting to fail too.

Usually I reach burn out and don't realise until it's too late and I'm really in a bad way.
So this time I want to take notice of it.
It was just all the things adding up which made me question it.
I've been forgetting words and parts of my work that I know in depth. But when I come to speak about it in work, I can't remember some of the simple aspects of it.

I saw someone I know the other day, and I looked at her for ages thinking 'I'm sure I've seen her before but can't think where'. I actually KNOW her and see her a lot. She was at my house only last week! She messaged afterwards to ask what had happened because I just didn't stop and speak to her or barely let on I knew her!

I have just over a week left in work and then I'm off for Christmas from 23rd. I've booked 2 weeks.

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