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Anyone else struggle with daily nausea?

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jamoncrumpets · 23/11/2022 02:10

This has been an issue for me since childhood and always increases in times of stress or illness. It also concentrated in the most vile and potent hyperemesis when I was pregnant with my DCs, and a few of the aversions I developed then have never worn off.

I take cyclizine, because my GP is a bit of a ledge who understands me, and it really helps.

Am sat up feeling gross right now waiting for my cyclizine to kick in. Just wondering if anyone else gets this.

OP posts:

WeirdPookah · 23/11/2022 11:33

I have severe travel sickness, and multiple things, not just travelling, kick it off, smell of diesel buses, buttermints or juicyfruit gum.

I was also dreadfully sick in pregnancy the first time, and I still cannot face some of the worst things that set me off, really sweet things, krispy kreme doughnuts I can't even stand the smell of since 2013!

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