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Astrid TV Detective series with character portrayed as autistic.

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BlankTimes · 28/10/2022 10:55

i wondered if anyone would be interested in watching this TV Detective series, it's in French with subtitles.

Astrid, Murder in Paris, Freview Channel 18

I posted about it on Telly Addicts last week but didn't have a lot of interest.

It features a character called Astrid who from the outset is described as autistic and is shown in a positive light and celebrated for her out of the box thinking in crime-solving. There's also the portrayal of Astrid as behaving very differently to her NT collegues and in the first episode at least, (only one I've seen so far, ) it outlines their inability to realise why she's behaving in a certain way in different situations.

Here's a quick run-down of the two main characters without spoilers

Tonight's episodes are
Astrid, Murder in Paris, Freview Channel 18
Part1 at 9.00 til 10.05
"Raphaelle needs all the help Astrid can give when a renowned lawyer dies of fear in court. But when Astrid becomes overwhelmed by press attention, she must fight to keep her on the team."
and Part 2 at 10.05 til 11.15
Astrid and Raphaelle have two corpses and one ghostly experience on their hands. When Astrid's nervous system overreacts in a cellar, it prompts an important breakthrough in the Karlishian case.

OP posts:

MrsVeryTired · 29/10/2022 08:42

Hi, yes I'm planning on watching it. I follow lots of chats about foreign drama and it has been mentioned in a good way lots of times.
And the "more obviously autistic than Saga from The Bridge" has been mentioned frequently 🙂
Her character is what caused me to question my own possible NDness


Percie · 03/11/2022 19:34

Have you also seen Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix? It's a Korean series where the main character, a young lawyer, is autistic.

It was quite interesting because this character had a lot of insight into her autism and how she responded to the world, as well as the series focusing on how those around her behave. Although the 'out of the box thinking' making her good at her job seems to be a common theme with Astrid.


BlankTimes · 22/11/2022 10:58

Sorry for the late reply.
If anyone's still watching Astrid I hope you're finding it interesting.
I found the Fulcanelli episode, where she explains her thoughts behind Raphe's gift really touching.

I dont have any paid for telly options but hopefully the Extraordinary Attorney Woo will be on freeview in the near future.

OP posts:

BlankTimes · 27/03/2023 09:47

Series 2 this Friday night at 9pm
Freeview WalterPresents Channel 18

I'm really looking forward to it.

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