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aDHD and focus - it’s getting worse, can’t do my job!

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stealtheatingtunnocks · 26/10/2022 16:37

Does anyone find their ADHD inattention is worse with menopause?

I genuinely cannot get started on tasks. I’ve done bujo, all the planners, all the alarms, tried an ADHD coach and it has all been to no avail.

I am totally overwhelmed, work is going really well as in I have respect, seniority and am making a bit of money - but I want to set up on my own and I CANNOT get my head round how to get it up and running.

Government work support is available for people who are employed, is there something similar for entrepreneurs? I could employ other women, be paying a lot more tax than at present and do something good for society - but only if I have someone around who can keep me on track and focussed and can manage the stuff I just can’t (like knowing which day it is and why booking a morning meeting in Manchester is fine but making a pm one on time in Glasgow is maybe unlikely)

im on elvanse, which works when I remember to take it but I think wears off more quickly. I have some short acting stimulants for after that. I have high blood pressure and am avoiding thinking about that too much because I don’t honk I can function without the elvanse. I’ve got HRT patches and am a low mood short temper tired loon on the progesterone weeks.

do symptoms get worse with age or is it that my work and life is more demanding and I am running out of capacity?

anyone have suggestions ? I’d love to set my thing up.

OP posts:

OriginalUsername2 · 26/10/2022 16:48

Im sure someone posted a link to a study on this recently but can’t find it. It’s absolutely true.


dillydally24 · 27/10/2022 08:41

ADHD symptoms worsen as oestrogen levels drop, which is why many women have see their symptoms worsen during menopause or at certain times of the month (my symptoms are terrible in the few days before my period). Increased levels of progesterone have a similar effect. It's not surprising you've noticed your symptoms are bad at the moment.

Can you explore increasing your Elvanse dosage? I'm on 70mg, the max. dose, and find it gives me good coverage throughout the day, albeit I'm not premenopausal yet. Definitely don't forget to take it! Set a reminder. I forget even when I've set a reminder, so I keep my meds next to my coffee machine - I ALWAYS make myself a coffee in the morning and as they're right there I can't ignore them 😂.

You can also try taking fish oil supplements, which are supposed to help - again, I keep mine next to the coffee machine.

Boosting the amount of exercise you do (to increase dopamine levels) would also help, plus it may have the collateral benefit of reducing your high blood pressure (making the Elvanse less of a risk). I never seem to have the time to exercise, so I bought myself a bike which I use to commute to work. It means I cycle about 25km a day 4-5 days a week and has made me feel so much better. It helps that I bought the shiniest, fanciest bike out there, which satisfies so many of my ADHD urges 😂.

If you do want to set up on your own, could you do so in a partnership with someone who is a good foil to you i.e., they are good at things like filing forms with companies house, while you go out and bring in the business? You must know someone like that if you are senior and established in your role. Failing that, could you find someone junior - a PA type - to keep you on track? I always tell my juniors not to be scared to boss me around and "upward manage" me to make sure stuff gets done and find this works well.

Those are my best suggestions. But I don't think it's an easy fix and I really feel for you. My symptoms have progressively worsened over the years too - a combination of fluctuating hormone levels and increased responsibilities at home (I have two young DC) and at work. Good luck with it all. I hope you do manage to set up on your own. x


vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 28/10/2022 10:57

Thank you both.

It is SO frustrating! Yes, there is definitely a hormonal link - maybe some more oestrogen would help.

I'll speak to my psychiatrist and see if I can have more elvanse. It's catch 22, if I can focus then I exercise, if I can't then I eat and drink wine. One is good for my BP and the other not so much.

Mostly though, I am annoyed with myself. I have to get it sorted out.


ittakes2 · 29/10/2022 08:01

Yes sorry I have now gone through menopause and my executive functions are now worse then ever. But if you get the right support it will help. My cleaner helps me with mine!

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