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What would you like for Christmas?

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AlternativelyWired · 15/10/2022 21:37

For me it's Lego. And a new dressing gown and slippers.

Ds is a whizz with being creative with Lego whereas I need instructions. I like to sort Lego into colours and get upset when sets are mixed up. It takes hours to re-sort it. Ds knows not to mess with my Christmas Lego.

I have a Halloween set waiting to be built and another on its way. I find Lego hard to resist.

OP posts:

Clarice99 · 17/10/2022 08:46


I stopped celebrating Christmas years ago as I don't enjoy any aspect of it, never have.

I would spend the run up to Christmas in a state of anxiety, insomnia off the scale weeks prior to, worrying about everything and nothing. Being fake around people I was forced to spend time with was exhausting, pretending to like gifts I'd been given was also exhausting. I hate surprises too so that added another layer of anxiety.

The relief in opting out was immense.


20DigitCombination · 17/10/2022 22:24

Things I ask for when people ask what I want. I like practical presents but people ask what to buy me and then buy something totally different.


AlternativelyWired · 17/10/2022 22:35

I used to find Christmas exhausting and anxious and in fact I still do for different reasons. I do not like presents. I want to like them but the anxiety is awful. I have a very small circle of my mum and my 3dc and they understand my issues with presents. It makes my mum sad but she knows it's not personal. Mainly I buy my own, wrap them then act all surprised and say it's just what I always wanted 🤣 I love giving presents and I really consider what to buy or make and put a lot of thought into it. I like to get my mum lots of nice things especially as she was never spoilt and we didn't have much money growing up.
My favourite thing though is the Christmas tree. I get anxious about that too as it has to be perfect (to me) and has to be a real tree. The tree becomes part of the family and I talk to it 😁
Generally I love the planning and preparing and Christmas films and time with my favourite 4.
If it included big get togethers, parties, exchanging gifts with near strangers and a dress code I'd hibernate or end up being in a constant state of near-meltdown.

OP posts:

BlackeyedSusan · 18/10/2022 09:18

I could not have a real tree as I would talk to it and not want to throw it out. :( This anthropomorphizing stuff is tricky.


AlternativelyWired · 18/10/2022 12:02

We turned one into a Halloween tree once. I feel very sad once the tree comes down and want to keep it too.

OP posts:

BoardLikeAMirror · 19/10/2022 19:57

I'd love a camera, as the one I had stopped working so I only have my phone camera at the moment. We don't buy one another high value presents in my family, though, so I'd have to buy it for myself.


Whatsleftnow · 30/10/2022 21:20

Honestly? I’d love all new socks - seamless bamboo ones. I have some and they’re great but somehow I’ve ended up with two different lengths so I have to match them or I end up in sensory hell because there’s an inch in the difference.

I really want to chuck them all in the fire recycling rag bag, and start over.

I’d also love someone to take my car and get it valeted. Not a diy job, and not book me a valet or give me a voucher. I don’t want to have to clean out my car, book an appointment or talk to anyone. Bonus points if it could happen when I’m having a lie in.

And I would adore a couple of nights away in a hotel all-by-myself although I think I’d like dh to magically appear at meal times for company and to keep the waiter away. But I want to starfish in bed, sleep in crisp sheets, and not have to even consider having sex.

And my ultimate fantasy present would be a quick trip in a time machine so I could go back and buy multiples of my favourite clothes.

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