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Has anyone had help with organising their home?

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EmmaH2022 · 11/09/2022 18:27

I feel like I've read every book, decluttered many times - losing things I wish I still had - but none of it has made daily executive function easier.

part of it is that even if things have a home, I don't recall where it is. it doesn't take long to locate in a small flat, but I am in that head space where I'm getting on my own nerves and wasting far too much energy on chores while not actually finishing them.

i'm seriously considering getting an organiser in to set up a system. It might mean getting new furniture etc. I won't say I can't figure stuff out, but I've failed many times and it's overwhelming and boring.

has anyone paid for help and was it worth it? Thanks.

OP posts:

ofwarren · 12/09/2022 22:14

Just bumping for you.
I've never had help, even though my executive function is shocking. I could never handle a stranger in my house though so I'd never do it personally.


EmmaH2022 · 12/09/2022 23:07

Thanks ofwarren

I got some prices in. One was completely unaffordable, the other a possible but I think I'd be better saving the money.

I have a feeling they would also struggle with the size of the place. I suspect their customers are more likely to be people with large incomes and large homes.

I have spent most of the day sorting and have made some progress, so that's good.

OP posts:

PorkPieForStarters · 13/09/2022 12:59

I've got no experience of home organisers however, if I was looking for help with something like this, I'd look for someone with understanding of the issues I face (in my case, ADHD) and how to manage my home with those issues in mind. Someone creating a system that NT people would find straightforward but you'd find difficult to follow is a quick road to frustration when you can't maintain it!

My home is definitely a work in progress but I'm developing a system where everything has a set place. Eg. keys always get put in the same place when I get home, stationery all lives in one cupboard, bed linen gets put in boxes dedicated to the size (ie. one box for double bed linen, another box for single bed linen). I still need to organise many areas but I'm finding this helps me locate things more easily.

In terms of chucking stuff and then finding you need it, it might help to see what you actually use over a period of a few months? An example would be turning all your clothes hangers in your wardrobe with the hook backs to the back of the wardrobe backwards and, if you use something, put it back the opposite way so you can easily see what you've actually worn. Or, in a kitchen drawer, if you have space, push everything to the back, add a divider if possible, then move things
forward only if you use them? Hope this makes sense!

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