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Delmosart v Concerta XL - differences?

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Maladicta · 26/08/2022 14:33

Had a review with my psych this morning - 54mg Concerta XL is working really well, he asked if I'd like to try Delmosart instead because of the cost implications. If it doesn't suit me then he'll happily move me back.

Have any of you changed from Concerta to Delmosart? Did you notice any differences? I know they're basically the same thing but I know switching brands can sometimes be a problem. Thanks for any advice you can share.

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pikachewchew · 05/09/2022 15:01

I was also put on delsomart for the same reasons. I noticed they made my brain feel tight if that makes sense and I got weird twitches in my eyebrows. Also it just didn't work the same for me. I mentioned it to the chemist and he told me it was identical so I asked my adhd specialist and he said it has a different way of releasing the drug and is different. He wrote to my Gp for me and asked for me to go back on Concerta which they reluctant did.


Maladicta · 05/09/2022 16:28

Thanks - the med release on Concerta seems to feel more subtle - the Delmosart is more 'jolt-y' and I can feel exactly when the next bit is in my system. My psych has said he'll change if it's not working so that's a relief.

OP posts:

pikachewchew · 05/09/2022 18:17

Yes from what I have read about it concerta has a specific release mechanism trademarked, so off-brand versions don't always work the same way. I kept getting fobbed off but I knew I felt different on it compared to Concerta xl.


moggerz · 08/01/2023 18:19

You could trial other brands such as Xenidate XL which seems to work better than Delmosart in my experience. Others are Xaggitin XL but never used it.
Concerta release mechanism isn't patented anymore but all brands are slightly different anyway and we all might react differently.

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