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This board exists primarily for the use of Neurodiverse Mumsnetters. Others are welcome to post but please be respectful.

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Hello, I'm new.

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Learningtoacceptmyself · 14/08/2022 17:30

Hi, I've only just learned about this forum and thought I'd write a bit about me.

Until a few years ago I thought I was just an introvert and quiet. However the epiphany hit when I was talking to a friend and mentioned that I could think of something (ie taking the dog for a walk) and within less than a second think I need to put the washing out, as that's where my train of thought takes me.

Walk dog->dog gets muddy->bath dog->dry dog->need to wash towels->there's washing in the machine to go out.

I always thought everyone's mind worked like this. After realising I started to look into adhd more and so much resonated with me.

I go to do one thing and end up doing a million other things and forget to do what I was going to.

I always have to be busy.

I need to recharge after a noisy meeting/outing.

House is always messy.

I could go on, but I'll not. My middle daughter is currently being assessed for autism (I believe my other 2 have it too) and when doing her assessment so much related to me too.

My husband (been together 3 years) doesn't think any of us have it so that can be difficult to navigate (he doesn't understand why, when his kids come I cannot sit in the living room with the TV on some loud show -that I'm not remotely interested in- as well as phones making noise, kids making noise etc. It just gets too much for me.)

I'm off to read a few more threads on here as I'm excited to have found a place I may be welcome. 😀

OP posts:

PhatPaws · 14/08/2022 17:39


I've recently been diagnosed as dyslexic at 37 years. I also suspect I am autistic or ADHD or both.


BlackeyedSusan · 14/08/2022 19:23

Hello. Bloody hell getting sensory overload from just the description.

Do chase it up with the GP. It is worth it.

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