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Tips for dealing with hand dryers on days out

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pinkapple7 · 02/08/2022 06:57

My DC is 6 and is terrified of public toilets because of the noise of the hand dryers. Currently being investigated for ASD but no official diagnosis yet.
This week we went on a long await trip to CBeebies Land. We'd been there for about an hour when DC started crying that they want to go home (2 hour trip) and it was because they needed the toilet. Eventually managed to persuade DC to come in with me and they just had a complete melt down. I made sure people knew they were scared of the noise but this didn't stop people from holding on a couple of seconds to use until I got DC out of the door.
Does anyone have any tips please?
Thank you

OP posts:
Clarice99 · 02/08/2022 07:16

Noise cancelling headphones may help in this situation (and be useful in other areas too).

Hand dryers are the work of the devil. I feel your child's pain 😬

Tired2tired · 02/08/2022 08:12

Noise cancelling headphones definetly or the accessible toilet, I cannot use public toilets, but when I absolutely absolutely have to and there's no other option, I use the accessibility one, as I cannot cope with the handriers. I've had the guilt of should I really use them? And when I discussed this with my doctor he was like yes. you have a disability that prevents you using the normal ones, use the accessibility ones.

pinkapple7 · 02/08/2022 11:38

Thank you both!
Kicking myself that I didn't think of the headphones myself!

OP posts:
PinkBuffalo · 02/08/2022 16:34

I have to wear my ear defenders if anywhere near a hand dryer I cannot cope with them either. If I have my ear defenders on I am ok

BlackeyedSusan · 02/08/2022 21:37

radar key and accessible toilets

Trivester · 03/08/2022 14:39

I used to take my dc in for a look at the hand driers before using the toilet, and we’d see if they were the loud ones or try them out.

It seemed to make it easier if they knew up front what we were dealing with and I’d keep my hands over their ears while they used the toilets if necessary.

ofwarren · 04/08/2022 08:44

My son is waiting on his diagnosis and we have a radar key for the disabled toilet for this very reason. He would go absolutely berserk in the normal toilets so it wasn't worth it.
You can get them on ebay for a couple of pounds.

BoxedOut · 13/08/2022 21:40

Accessible toilet. Ask staff to unlock it if needed. Ear defenders too.

I feel for you, my lovely DS was absolutely tormented by hand driers when he was 4/5, he's now 8 and can handle it better if he had to, but would rather not.

I still find Han driers v tricky myself and have various strategies for using them. If alone in the loo, I talk to myself out loud and say "im going to count to 3 and put my hands under and they'll be a noise but it will stop when I take my hands away." Sort of cueing myself up. I also tense my hands very deliberately before putting them under, as it minimises the "jump" I get from the noise. Then when leaving toilet, flap hands to discharge the tension.

BoxedOut · 13/08/2022 21:41

Also used to carry an old muslin for DS to dry his hands on.

And sometimes you can switch off a dryer at the wall plug temporarily whilst you're in the loo.

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