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Price rises and restricted food tastes

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AlternativelyWired · 29/07/2022 18:28

We currently do our main delivered shopping at Waitrose and I top up at the local Asda, health shop, and co-op and sometimes Iceland but rarely. We are all very restricted on what we eat and are used to the safety of Waitrose own brand. Except for ds's weetabix all cereals are branded. Nothing else is food wise. How do I get my bill duem but ensure we eat? We can't eat homemade soup every day! We are all veggie and don't eat things like beans unless it's a blue moon. I don't eat eggs. I wish I did but the thought of them makes me feels sick nevermind if I did eat them. I can cope with cake as long as it doesn't taste eggy. Mealtimes are difficult enough with food price hikes.

OP posts:

Tired2tired · 30/07/2022 07:55

I struggle with this, lately what I've been trying to do is save 10/20quid of so a month and use it to buy the things I like on offer. Bakedz beans were on offer last month and I bought 20 cans! And then I'm trying to keep a little stock pile of things i bought on offer to keep me going through the weeks were they're not if that makes sense. It's helping brinf my costs down a tiny bit but not much and keeping me stocked in my safe food.


CharlieAndTooManyCharacters · 30/07/2022 08:15

You could have a pretty healthy diet on homemade soup every day…

What do you like to eat?


AlternativelyWired · 30/07/2022 12:27

I'm going to ask Dd for an up to date food list. Some things she will pretty much always eat, some things she will eat some of the time and sometimes she will eat things rarely. It changes every few weeks. She will just not eat if she doesn't want what's on offer. Although when out with friends she does eat more so I think I'll have to point out that if she can do it with friends then she can do it at home.
Ds would live off primula cheese sandwiches, crisps, and weetabix and other cereal. Dd is Philadelphia and crisp sandwich, no breakfast most of the time, and roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings for dinner. She used to love sausage and mash but not now unless she's in the mood for them. She will eat raw carrots. Sweetcorn is ok as long as it's with gravy. Things may not be mixed together unless it's soup. She would eat crisps all day long. We all like vegan bacon but that's expensive and a treat. Dd used to love pasta but not now.

OP posts:

CharlieAndTooManyCharacters · 30/07/2022 13:01

Well soup is pretty healthy and versatile.

do you purée it? Or does anyone like it with lumps of identifiable veg in it? if the latter, you could perhaps consider erring towards stew territory (or adapting stew recipes and making them a bit soupier).

Although, I guess you could do that and still blend it into soup.

As I said, I’m not convinced a diet largely composed of homemade soup is a dreadful outcome. I can think of much, much worse diets.


AlternativelyWired · 30/07/2022 14:24

Dd will eat 2 soups that I make. One blended, one not. We all wouldn't want soup every day. I'm going to make sure one is available though for when Dd comes home from school. Her task for the day is to write me that list.

OP posts:

Lovemusic33 · 30/07/2022 20:20

It is hard, I have 2 DD’s with sensory issues, one has many issues with food and will only eat certain brands of certain things, her diet is pretty limited and I often have to cook separately for her. Her younger sister is lactose intolerant as am I so we buy lactose free milk and cheese which is always pricey. I’m finding hard to get out weekly shop down when we don’t all eat the same meals.

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