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Dd wants to stay off tomorrow due to the heat

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AlternativelyWired · 17/07/2022 21:45

She can't bear the heat, hates the air on her skin, hates sun cream, hates hats. There's no lessons this week and she finishes at midday on Thursday. She's got a trip to a theme park on Tuesday but I suspect the theme park will be closed. Chester Zoo is closed so that trip is cancelled. School are planning on using the cooler classrooms but that's it. No uniform adjustments, just hat, sun cream and water. It's a big school with 1500 kids. I feel sorry for the teachers as well. It's an old building with huge windows and it's going to be an oven in there. Ds's school haven't been in touch at all but it doesn't surprise me. They are to last to close in snow and ice yet are the only school on a steep hill. When you struggle to get them in safely they then decide to close at midday 🙄 ds is ill so not going in anyway. I can't stand extremes of heat either. How are you all coping? I might cite dds sensory issues as to why she won't be in. Or maybe a heat induced migraine.

OP posts:
DinosaurOfFire · 18/07/2022 08:55

If you're in the red zone, then I would keep her home- it sounds like she's going to be overloaded by the heat if it does get up to 35/ 40 degrees, and her mental health (potential for meltdowns or shutdowns) is as important as her physical health (eg heatstroke). If you are in an amber area with 30 degrees ish, I'd send her in with sensry friendly non-uniform, and write her a note for the day explaining that due to her sensory issues she cannot wear uniform today and if that's not acceptable to school and they want to punish her, I would go collect he instead

AlternativelyWired · 18/07/2022 11:17

She's still fast asleep. I just told school she couldn't cope in the heat. She has asthma too.ds is off with a fever, cough, sore throat and tummy ache. He too has asthma as have I and I'm dreading the walk up to the GP today to get ds sorted.

OP posts:
AlternativelyWired · 18/07/2022 11:17

We are on the border of the red and Amber.

OP posts:
DinosaurOfFire · 18/07/2022 13:14

That sounds wise tbh. We're 'only' in amber and it's hot enough here as it is!

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