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Autism assessment in a couple of weeks

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Whoareyoumyfriend · 22/06/2022 21:55

I'm nervous as hell. I'm not even sure what to post about.

I feel I need this diagnosis to explain my triggers.

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ofwarren · 23/06/2022 06:20

You will be fine!
Did you go private or NHS?


Whoareyoumyfriend · 23/06/2022 08:28

Yes I went private. It's non clinical so was considerably cheaper. Technically I'm fully functioning as an adult so won't need it for evidence or anything

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rosemarycait96 · 23/06/2022 16:12

Hi! I also went private. My experience was good overall and it only took my assessor about 10 minutes to tell me I met the criteria, the rest was just talking about my experiences and coming up with ways to support my challenges. I just came to wish you good luck. It might be stressful because it can feel quite overwhelming if they ask a lot of questions, but again, they will know that ASD folk can find it stressful. But honestly, it will be fine, try to be yourself and answer honestly - nothing is there to trip you up on purpose and if you struggle with certain parts, it might actually contribute towards a diagnosis.

In a way, I think me stress-crying on my first screening call helped my case quite a bit. 😂


Whoareyoumyfriend · 23/06/2022 17:10

I just sometimes wonder why I do stuff. It's like sabotage.

We are very pressed for time tonight. I could have opted for an easier dinner but I'd planned a roast. So now I'm doing a stress roast when I really really don't have time. I have a meeting at 6 and need to get my kids friends for her to look after them. Now I realise I have no gravy. No gravy is the final straw. Its made me just want to put it all in the bin. I know I now won't be eating it

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Whoareyoumyfriend · 23/06/2022 17:13

It's gonna be worse almost if they feel I don't make the criteria. I work with kids who are quite impaired by their autism. I'm in no way suffering like they are. I feel like a fraud

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