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This board exists primarily for the use of Neurodiverse Mumsnetters. Others are welcome to post but please be respectful.

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tobee · 11/06/2022 22:06

I asked this as part of my foreign languages thread on here. But thought I might get more replies on a fresh thread.

My adult dd has looked into coding as a friend of mine with an autistic ds suggested it for her. However, she can only find self taught courses. The only one she could find that wasn't was very expensive. Self taught would not suit her. Anyone know any coding courses where there is a proper timetable and access to tutors? Or in person? (We live in London) She looked during lockdown so that might have been the problem.

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FiremanSid · 11/06/2022 22:09

Go to an open day at your local FE college and ask them. They'll be able to find something appropriate.


tobee · 12/06/2022 02:25

Great reply thanks!

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