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Parent's input for assessment

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AshGirl · 08/06/2022 13:25

I'm waiting for my assessment for ASD and ADHD but wondered if there is any way around having a parent provide their input.

I'm very low contact with my parents and would definitely not want them to know I am being assessed. My older brother is autistic (self diagnosed) and could possibly help, or my oldest friend has known me since I was 8/9.

Has anyone else had to navigate this issue?

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Punxsutawney · 08/06/2022 19:12

I recently went through a private autism assessment, currently waiting for the feedback appointment. The assessors were quite keen for my parents to be involved, I really didn't want this.
In the end they agreed to talk to DH and booked a separate appointment with him, without me there. I've known him since I was 18 and I'm now 46. So although he didn't know me as a child he's known me for a long time. I did have a fair bit of information that I could tell them about my childhood and adolescence.

They will probably be happy to talk to a friend or sibling.


SoggyPaper · 09/06/2022 00:40

I’ve got an ADHD assessment in the next couple of weeks. They given me two forms: child collateral and adult collateral. The child one just says it needs to be someone that has known you since you were a child and is a different person to who fills in the adult form. The form itself asks about the period between 5-12 years old.

So it doesn’t need to be a parent. Although a parent may have better insight than a friend or sibling for various reasons. But it’ll still be imperfect. The point is to establish that this has been a problem from childhood.


Stichintime · 09/06/2022 00:46

I didn't get a parent to fill in the questionnaire. My diagnosis came back as most likely ASD but not definitive because of lack of parental input.

It has made absolutely no difference to me. The assessment/diagnosis was for me and has helped me immensely in understanding myself.


GoingBacktoSchool123 · 09/06/2022 00:59

I told my consultant that I wasn’t prepared to involve anyone in the assessment process as it was personal and private to me and he was totally fine with that. He had enough evidence to make a firm diagnosis with based on my day to day working life.

Why am I on MN at 1am? I’m just getting home from the office based job I started at 9am because an 8 hour working day is generally 14-16 hours for me. 3-4 days a week for 20+ years!!


AshGirl · 09/06/2022 08:02

Thanks all! Had forgotten I posted this (thanks brain!) but useful to hear the varied experiences.

I think my oldest friend would have more insight than my brother (lovely though he is) just because our presentations are very different. We were also treated very differently by our parents, with me being the golden child and him the scapegoat - this is largely why both of us are very low contact with parents.

I am hoping to have my first initial meeting with a psychiatrist shortly so will try to remember to ask about this!

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