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How many appointments for ADHD diagnosis/treatment

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ArtieArtois · 04/06/2022 01:10

DS is 21 and would like to be assessed for ADHD. We're planning on paying for him to be seen privately.

He is autistic (diagnosed when he was 7). We're considering using a psychiatrist who a friend used for her son in a similar situation. His clinic is not very nearby is the thing making me hesitate.

My friend said she can't remember how many appointments her DS had at first. It was a while ago. So in general, how many appointments did you have? How frequently? Just so I can work out if it's do able.

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InattentiveADHD · 04/06/2022 01:38

I had one appointment. I believe this is pretty standard for ADHD.


ArtieArtois · 04/06/2022 01:44

Thank you. Did this include medication? I have read about titration but I don't understand what that involves.

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ArtieArtois · 04/06/2022 16:19

Just a bump for the people who are not night owls!

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Windyone · 04/06/2022 16:23

My son aged 16 had 2 face to face appointments plus a psychologist observing at school for a session. He then had 3 or 4 calls until he got his medication correct. The whole thing cost about £3,500 before he was passed on to his own doctor for ongoing medication.


Lancelottie · 04/06/2022 16:30

Urgh, is it really that much?

All three of our young adults (two impoverished students, one recent graduate) have had it suggested, as have I.

I don't think 4x3500 is doable.


HMG107 · 04/06/2022 16:49

I had one f2f, then 2/3 meds appointments. I paid less than £1,000 for the whole process. I think I paid ,for my first appointment and the second. The rest were free as they were a five minute call and a quick letter to my GP re changing the prescription.


Kalgy · 21/02/2023 14:15

Could anyone recommend a clinic to assess adhd for a 22 year old? We're getting a bit desperate in trying to find a clinic, all seem booked up for six months.


NowDoYouBelieveMe · 24/02/2023 16:07

1 on phone with GP to initially discuss process
1 face to face with GP to discuss my questionnaire answers
1 with regular psychiatrist to get diagnosed
1 with ADHD specialist psychiatrist to affirm diagnosis and start medication.

Monthly ongoing appointments with the same specialist to adjust meds, take blood pressure and discuss further options.

They were initially very spaced out due to waiting lists and lockdown.

All on the NHS.

I believe that private diagnosis is less thorough and more like 1 hour's discussion with a psychiatrist.

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