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Are there any figures on the percentage of parents that are neurodivergent?

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Answermethis2022 · 25/05/2022 21:52

Just wondering as the only person with an official diagnosis is my son, whoever I think I could get a diagnosis myself as could his father. Then my parents, my father I think would also get a diagnosis, and my mother I would say more SPD then my grandparents, both my grandmothers I would say were similar in that they were very direct and would not have any tact so to speak. So I think definite traits.

Does everyone else see it in the bloodline? Is it very common?

OP posts:

BlackeyedSusan · 26/05/2022 14:26

Yep. 2/3 generations with a diagnosis but dad also was very autistic


StellaElevator · 27/05/2022 18:07

My son is awaiting assessment but almost certainly going to be diagnosed. I have been diagnosed this week with ASD and am waiting for an ADHD assessment next month.

My dad (so son’s grandad) would likely get diagnosis for both too but he’s 75 and not bothered about it (or not willing to admit the traits he exhibits)


ofwarren · 27/05/2022 18:39

In my family there is me, my eldest, my middle child is waiting for assessment for ASD, and my husband has ADHD.
I'm certain my dad has ASD, probably my Mum too. My elder brother has profound autism.
My younger brother isn't diagnosed but scores high on the online tests.

Extended family on my mum's side, I have 2 cousins with profound autism who's Dad more than likely has it too. I also suspect 2 other cousins.

Not sure about my dad's side as I don't know them.


maskersanonymous · 30/05/2022 15:01

I read somewhere (and can't find the source right now) that it could be up to 80%. I am also interested in genetic drift (which could also explain a possible rise in ASD diagnoses). Certainly at the school one of my DC attends (specialist) it, I see traits in many of the parents.

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