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NorthMumOfTwo · 19/05/2022 17:42

Hu guys, I've just made an appointment with my GP regarding potential adult autism. I am 30 years old with 7 siblings 4 of which have autism. Ever since I was young I have struggled with socialising and making friends, I get majorly overwhelmed so I am a loner. I fixate on certain topics i enjoy and can recite endless facts dates/times and facts when it comes to my hobbies etc.I hate loud noises, I am a stickler for routine and time keeping and if it's not kept I freak out start crying and have a breakdown. I can only wear certain textures of clothing and have to wear things loose fit and comfy, I cannot start conversations or maintain eye contact and I cannot ring places or do anything spontainous everything must be planned. I rely heavily on others to socialise on my behalf. Whatever is going on with me is exhausting, I had a melt down the other day as the hoovers at the car cleaning place were not working so I was freaking out majorly as it pushed my schedule back by 15 minutes. I have lots of other issues but to long to list. Any advice please or things I can prepare ahead of my GP appointment. Thank you

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JohnMcCainsDeathStare · 21/05/2022 08:20

It might be worth taking some online tests like the Autism Quotient or the one that produces a diagram doing the rounds here a few months ago - at least 2 tests from different sources. IF anything it might help you line things up in your mind. Also are there any family members you can speak to on this about your childhood for instance?

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