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How much can I expect to pay for ADHD meds?

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BrokenArrowzzz · 09/05/2022 11:34

I'm fed up with waiting 2.5 years on the NHS ADHD assessment waitlist and am at my wits end mentally. I can't go on anymore. I need help and I need it fast. I've decided I will need to find a way to pay for a private assessment and medication. Someone on this board suggested - the cost is pretty steep at £750 for a diagnostic assessment, and then I will need to pay for the medication costs on top of that. After 3 months I can apply for the NHS right to choose, at an additional £230 cost 😣

Can anyone tell me how much I could expect to pay for the medication each month please? And also if there are any other private assessment clinics that you'd recommend? I don't know how much longer I can go on like this...😓

OP posts:

biggreenhouse · 09/05/2022 11:37

S E I K Psychiatry I think was nearer 550 for the initial assessment. but meds were around £220 a month. the whole thing has cost me about 2300 until getting handed back over to nhs.


Coffeesnob11 · 10/05/2022 08:03

I paid £170 for my meds until I got handed back to my gp.


squirrelnutkins1 · 10/05/2022 08:10

Yeah you're looking into the hundreds unfortunately.

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