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ADHDkillingme · 27/04/2022 23:09

What do others with ADHD do for a job?

I absolutely detest my job but it just seems like everything is stacked against me in doing something else. For one we have financial commitments that mean I can’t just ‘re-train’ and secondly every job in the world feels too hard.

If I wanted to be a midwife (I don’t) I’m certain I’d end up causing harm (accidentally) to Mums and babies.
If I wanted to be a teacher I wouldn’t manage to get the students to where they needed to be … and the paperwork!
If I wanted to drive a lorry I’d probably crash it and kill someone.

I can’t think of any jobs/careers that I really feel I could do well at. People say find what you’re passionate about but there isn’t really anything. I just want to go to work, not feel shit about myself, not cause any deaths and go home.

Am I destined for a life of misery?

OP posts:

WindsChange · 27/04/2022 23:32

Teacher with ADHD here!
I actually read in Additude magazine recently that it was the number one job for ADHDers as it is always different, busy, stimulating etc. Yes the paperwork is overwhelming but the kids are amazing and I love being able to provide a better time at school for the neurodivergent kiddos than what I experienced. I’m hoping to go into SEMH next year and can’t wait!

Really, it’s about finding your passion. I know you don’t believe that but I do think it’s so important to us. I don’t do things I’m
not interested in well at all. I have to be interested. I would go mad in an unchallenging job. I like to teach as I use my creativity and imagination positively. Yes my desk is a mess and my car is full of umpteen boxes of resources but I cope. It’s then endless meetings, data, reviews and book looks that add the most pressure rather than the main part of the job.
Are you medicated? With medication I can function pretty well - without it I probably wouldn’t have my career.

If I didn’t teach I would work with animals. Are you an animal lover? Or maybe outdoors gardening or forestry management or something I could be out and about I think.


BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 28/04/2022 13:59

I was a nurse in care homes for many years. It was good for me because I was physically active, never bored, busy, mentally stimulated enough, but not overwhelmed and I was good at organising my time and setting priorities. The amount of interaction led to burnout though because I'm also autistic and menopause affected my communication abilities and drive.

I don't think nursing would suit someone who's inattentive, but I'm primarily hyperactive so it was okay. I used to write everything down as reminders.


Trivester · 30/04/2022 12:11

I burnt out at teaching. I’m horribly incompetent at paperwork or anything that requires repetition and routine. I get RSD in public facing roles. So I’m currently a sahm and terrible at that too.

I really need to get back to work.

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