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Anyone else hate April fools day?

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Lovemusic33 · 01/04/2022 08:09

It makes me feel uneasy and I hate watching people have pranks pulled on them. I know it’s April fools, I know there a lot of prank posts on social media but it still makes me feel anxious, not knowing what’s real and what’s not. I will be pleased when today is over 😬

Anyone else feel the same?

OP posts:

GeneLovesJezebel · 01/04/2022 08:10

Yep. It’s so childish.


Lovemusic33 · 01/04/2022 08:12

It is, I don’t really get it? Playing pranks on your kids, friends etc…just seems stupid and mean.

OP posts:

ofwarren · 01/04/2022 09:34

Literally just come here to post the same. It really upsets me as everyone on twitter and Facebook makes "jokes" and I can't understand what is true and what is not.
It actually really stresses me out.


Lovemusic33 · 01/04/2022 13:42

I’m glad it’s not just me. It is upsetting, I have stayed off of Facebook today because the pranks and false posts just upset me and the confusion of what’s reality and what’s not.

I feel similar when I watch Ant and Dec prank people too 😬, I just can’t watch and have to turn over.

OP posts:

Bluebellfae · 01/04/2022 13:45

Yep 100% with the same reasons as just makes me feel uncomfortable im guessing its all to do with the honesty side of it

Its also the anniversary of my grandma passing in 1996 so I hate it for that too :(


EssexLioness · 01/04/2022 14:22

Yes I really hate it, especially on social media or newspapers etc publishing fake news as a joke. I tend to believe these things at face value, even when aware of the date. Then I feel stupid for doing so.
I also think a lot of pranks are based on humiliating the victim which I think is cruel. I find a fine line between some pranks and bullying behaviour. It is all designed to make the person feel bad. I also hate birthday cards etc with ‘jokey’ insults on them.


ofwarren · 01/04/2022 15:08

Sorry about your Grandma Bluebell Flowers


ClumpingBambooIsALie · 02/04/2022 15:53

With a passion. I don't understand why "I lied to you in a plausible manner and you believed my lie" is amusing. "I lied to you in an implausible way and you believed me" is funny only if you're a sadist who enjoys making other people feel stupid and embarrassed. Then there's the "I inconvenienced you and now you have a mess to clear up" type of prank (like, I dunno, those ones a few years ago where someone would put photos of Nicholas Cage all over someone's workspace), which I don't even get how it's an April Fool.

The other problem is that with the internet, things stick around till after April 1st, at which point you're not on alert for April Fool stories and they just look like a news article from a reputable source. For example, earlier today I came across a reasonable-sounding article about the release of a new model of synthesiser. I don't know a lot about synthesisers and it was no longer April 1st so didn't pick up on the April Fool clues throughout the article, and was only tipped off by the fake author name at the end and the comments saying April Fool.

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