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Help: The best friend of my old bully works where I now work!

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PoppedChips · 31/03/2022 16:19


I have autism and ADHD. I was diagnosed in my late 20s. I am now 30.

In my late-teens (college time), there was one girl (Let's call her Jo) who used to bully me quite badly. She always had two sidekicks (Mel and Sue) with her. They used to pretend to be my friend and then would try to humiliate me. I didn't realise I was being bullied until later on.

Fast forward 12 years, and my life has turned out great. I have my own house, lovely husband, nice holidays, and so on.

I recently started a new job at a big company. I came in at quite a high level due to my skill set. Unfortunately, one of Jo's old henchmen is also working there. She is several grades below I am. Luckily, my company employs thousands of people, so I rarely see her, but when I do she looks like a rabbit in the headlights. For instance, once I was (coincidentally) walking towards her, and she immediately turned around and pretty much ran the other way.

I have long moved on from what happened, and I don't care about any of these women now. I'd quite happily never hear from any of them again, but given that I now work with one of them, I don't know what to do? Should I try to clear the air or just leave it?

OP posts:

AffIt · 31/03/2022 18:15

Leave it. You're good, she's probably good, it was a long time ago.

Assuming you have no direct contact i.e. you don't work on the same team, you have no management responsibilities etc, she's effectively a stranger to you. Keep it that way.


Hatinafield · 31/03/2022 18:19

What Affit said.

Just be proud of how your life has turned out and leave her to get on with hers.


BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 31/03/2022 19:06

Leave it be.

Just make sure you keep a nice little smug smile on your face when you see her ๐Ÿ˜


BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 31/03/2022 19:08

That should have been a happy face lol ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


Scautish · 31/03/2022 21:50

Yes. You just need to feel quiet contentment. But be 100% professional at all times. You have absolutely nothing to prove to her.

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