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Please help with identifying sensory issues

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Hidingunderthetableshaking · 25/03/2022 12:52

Hello, I am going to have an occupational health assessment partly due to sensory issues. Its difficult to know what to tell this person as to me, this is just the way I am but the authorities need their labels to provide help and support. On the list so far is lighting/glare colour and sound. Food textures are also a problem.
Can anyone help me try and identify any others? Would a problem with eating food from anything other than a white plate be a sensory problem? My reason for asking is the kitchen in the new property has black worktops with grey cupboards and lots of shiny white glarey tiles that hurt my head.

Sorry for waffling, but no idea which of my normal responses and reactions are sensory. out of my depth here just at the moment I must get this right.

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BlankTimes · 25/03/2022 13:07

Have a look on this site, it's very comprehensive on sensory and other issues, it may give you some clues as to what are your personal sensory problems and reactions.

Although it's written with kids in mind, if you'r unsure what's a sensory issue and what's not, hopefully it will give you a good start.


Hidingunderthetableshaking · 25/03/2022 13:15

Thank you so much, i had been going round in circles trying to find the correct terminology for google to understand. I will go study the site now.

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BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 25/03/2022 13:16

What about clothing? I only just realised that struggling with clothing being too tight and restrictive was a sensory need. Different fabrics can make me feel angry.


Hidingunderthetableshaking · 25/03/2022 13:25

Angry at fabrics? That gave me a smile. Many times, brushed nylon always gave me a rash, tags too. Hated clean undies as a kid - far to smooth. Sat in joggers sweatshirt so thats another box ticked. So grateful for some help. So sorry that others are dealing with this stuff too.

OP posts:

BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 25/03/2022 13:48

Acrylic sweaters 😖


Clarice99 · 25/03/2022 14:06

Anger at fabric is definitely a thing! Acrylic jumpers - NEVER. They're absolutely hideous.

I'm always so careful about my bedding too. Never polycotton as it feels and smells horrible to me. I've found the best bedding, sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, from Dip & Doze - the soft and smooth finish is wonderful.


Jessicabrassica · 25/03/2022 14:17

Go through your senses. Smell? Would sitting near kitchen or toilet or window cause you distress? Noise of others? Movement - do you need your chair to move, do you need to stand to work? Does your desk need to be smooth? Can you deal with hit desking or would a different desk be overwhelming?


Hidingunderthetableshaking · 28/03/2022 15:12

Thank you all so much, @Jessicabrassica movement is a big problem for me. @Clarice99 I have 100% cotton bedding with a wool quilt - the weight is fantastic to sleep under.

@BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation Acrylic is avoided as much as possible in this house. Puts my teeth on edge.

OP posts:

BlackeyedSusan · 28/03/2022 15:39

Don't forget vestibular (balance)
Proprioception (where your body is in space) eg do you have to look at your hands to see where they are?

Interoception can't tell if hungry or need the loo until it's urgent.

What about temperature regulation? Can't tell if too hot or too cold?


BlackeyedSusan · 28/03/2022 15:42

You see now I want to chew on an acrylic jumper...

I am a sensory seeker for that.

Which reminds me, over sensitive and under sensitive are both issues.

Light touch drives me insane. (Loose clothes. )

Smells drive DD to distraction.


HighVoltageBun · 28/03/2022 17:29

Does the weather bother you? Wind in my face makes me really angry Hmm and my 11 yr old (diagnosed autistic) is the same. He also has big struggles with temperature regulation, if he gets too hot he has huge meltdowns but he doesn't notice he's getting too hot, just that he is too hot...


Angelina1972 · 29/03/2022 03:38

Smells? I hate car air fresheners and when people wear strong perfumes or after shaved.

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