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Can you do joined up writing?

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Mummiepig · 04/03/2022 19:33

I can't, I have neat writing but I print, I really struggled at primary school my work was a mess in cursive unless I took absolutely ages, I just couldn't figure out where the pen was going next
When I went to secondary school I started printing again, my work was very neat and no teacher ever commented on it
Just wondered if it was an autistic thing?

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BoardLikeAMirror · 04/03/2022 19:47

Yes, I can. I had very, very untidy writing until the age of about 10 (whether joined up or printing) but then I learned to do different handwritings depending on what it was needed for - i.e. to write neatly for school.

My natural writing is small and I've been told it looks masculine - i.e. it's spiky rather than rounded, I think they mean. It's not very legible to others. But I can 'do' almost any style of handwriting now, I can also mirror-write very easily with either hand.

I often mirror-write as a way of soothing myself when stressed. This backfired when I was at some awful work conference and we were asked to make notes on a presentation. I mirror-wrote mine ... and then we were asked to hand them in, as the people wanted feedback. Fortunately I hadn't put my name on them - goodness knows what they thought.


duvetdayforeveryone · 04/03/2022 19:48



Mummiepig · 04/03/2022 19:53

Interesting your writing is small, mine is massive! When I get a form to fill in there's never enough room and those little squares for individual letters are so small I can't fit the letters in

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YouCantTourniquetTheTaint · 04/03/2022 19:56

Nope, mine changes like the wind but I can't write in cursive. I mean I probably could but I'd have to concentrate really hard, but I can't concentrate on anything because of the squirrels.


Mummiepig · 04/03/2022 20:11

I can do it but it takes ages, a lot of concentration and looks a bit of a mess, printing is natural to me, its neat and tidy, cursive is forced and messy

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EmmaH2022 · 04/03/2022 20:12

Yes, weirdly I'm good at it

I struggle to print and lean towards flourishes in writing.


GCAutist · 04/03/2022 20:16

My handwriting can be beautifully neat for a few lines then unreadable though.


Workinghardeveryday · 04/03/2022 21:23

Yes, but I don’t. I mean who even does, it’s 2022!!


Redfloweryellowflower · 04/03/2022 23:25

I can write joined up, but my hand writing is appalling. I can't print - too slow and my brain has run ahead and left my hand behind.


LilyRed · 05/03/2022 12:01

My writing was so unreadable, that when I was seven my mother made me learn italic writing so now many years later I still write in a calligraphic style - if I put my mind to it - also had no problems studying calligraphy as part of my Art AO level (it was the late 1970s!) as it just came naturally.

If I don't focus it is still scrawly like a drunken monk attempting to write a manuscript. Grin


Mummiepig · 05/03/2022 12:54

Must just be me then! Still very interesting people's different answers

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