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Is this ADHD or me?

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MrsTerryPratchett · 24/02/2022 15:21

I just wanted to see if any of the other MNers with ADHD experience this or if it's just me.

Yesterday I had an appointment and I had to try to remember when things happened (medical things in this case but that's not relevant). I really struggle. I can't remember within months or years. I have to remember with context. Like, what season was it? What person was there? When did it happen in relation to what other thing. Even when I was pregnant I had to have an app because I had no clue how many weeks I was.

Huge life events are all counted in relation to how old DD is (I remember that). Like when I got married, emigrated, bereavements. People look at me sideways so I assume it's not typical.

Is it me?

OP posts:

wonderstuff · 24/02/2022 15:27

ADHD means you have no sense of time. I’m like this too, have to think in terms of what was happening and most of the past is quite hazy with the occasional events that I fixate on for years!


MrsTerryPratchett · 24/02/2022 15:28

Oh yes, I can remember the beginning of fixed agriculture completely fine. My Mum's age? Nope.

OP posts:

callingon · 24/02/2022 15:38

I have this - I don’t have adhd.


callingon · 24/02/2022 15:41

Meant to carry on there - I have some ADHD traits but don’t meet the threshold for a diagnosis. It’s interesting to see you mention it here.


PeacefulPrune · 24/02/2022 15:43

I'm the same. I'm not ADHD, I suspect I'm autistic but not been diagnosed yet.

I also really struggle to remember my children's dates if births which I feel so embarrassed/shameful about! I hate hate hate the reactions I get from people when I forget that like there's a direct colletation between that and I how much I love them 🤦🏻‍♀️

I've got better at writing things down before I think I'll need them. When I have time on my own I can remember stuff but not with the pressure of someone looking at me and expecting me to know the answers straight away.


Clarice99 · 24/02/2022 17:53

I am like this with some things. I have a diagnosis for Autism and ADHD.

I have to count backwards or forwards from a point I do remember, but struggle to recall things in a straightforward way. For example, I remember what year DH was born, but if someone were to ask me how old he is, I'd look blank and have to start counting from his year of birth.

It's tiresome 🙄🙄


MrsTerryPratchett · 24/02/2022 18:02

I also really struggle to remember my children's dates if births

I have one and I struggle. And yes, it feels like I've failed as a mother Sad

I still remember my aunt's post code from 30 years ago.

OP posts:

pickingdaisies · 24/02/2022 18:14

Me too. If I have to list medical events, or, say, when we moved house, I can be wildly out. I know closer family birthdays but not how old they are (even my own children now they are older - even myself,I have to count every time)
My friend told me a way to remember my car licence plate. I know my national insurance number off by heart and, bizarrely, my Next customer number.


PeacefulPrune · 24/02/2022 19:39

Yeah I've only got two children. The only way I'll be able to remember their dates of births is if I make up some sort of story or rhyme that links the numbers together. I don't know my times tables apart from...

Seven sevens forty nine washing line

Just because it the rhyme.


PheonixGlitterRepublic · 24/02/2022 19:52

I thought everyone did this, surely it’s impossible to just remember things with no anchor?! Had no idea it might be weird. DH is always telling me what year something happened in and I thought he was the mental one!


MrsTerryPratchett · 24/02/2022 20:07


I thought everyone did this, surely it’s impossible to just remember things with no anchor?! Had no idea it might be weird. DH is always telling me what year something happened in and I thought he was the mental one!

Well in my house DH is statistically the ND one. Pfft. Normies! Grin
OP posts:

PangoPurrl · 24/02/2022 21:59

Well, I have a shiny new ADHD diagnosis as of this morning so this is my first time posting knowing rather suspecting I have it! This is definitely an issue for me, I have to work things out and it's often by thinking through a complicated list of events to get to a definite timeline. Also, I've always felt like absolute worst person for having issues remembering people's birthdays, even those I've known for decades, so it's such a relief to read others with adhd have problems with this. Talk about being on a rollercoaster!!


Nosnogginginthekitchen · 24/02/2022 22:05

Oh yes. I get timelines muddled, need landmarks to remember things. Dp is more on the ASD lines (though not at all enough to get a diagnosis) and he's so opposite it's funny. However he says he struggles with time like this too, so it might be a ND thing rather than ADHD specific


MrsTerryPratchett · 25/02/2022 01:06

Congratulations @PangoPurrl on the new shininess! You're in excellent company. Grin

OP posts:

PangoPurrl · 25/02/2022 10:09

Thanks so much @MrsTerryPratchett It's been a long time coming! 😄 Other than feeling sad about it not being caught when I was young (although I get why it wasn't) and for the missed opportunities, it's just such a relief and I feel so excited for a future where I know what I'm actually working with/around!


PeacefulPrune · 25/02/2022 10:41

Congratulations @PangoPurrl!


PangoPurrl · 25/02/2022 10:55

Thanks very much @PeacefulPrune 😊


AffIt · 25/02/2022 13:32

I thought he was the mental one


Could we not with the ableist language, please?

I get that everybody has their own way of coping and dark humour is a pretty predominant ND trait for sure, but this is not cool, particularly not on the ND board.


deeplyrooted · 25/02/2022 17:33

Oh yes this is me too. I hadn’t linked it to adhd though but it makes sense as part of the time blindness.

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