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Being bullied as an adult

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BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 24/02/2022 08:37

Look at this poor man Sad I knew, even whilst only half way through the article that he'd be autistic. It's a depressingly familiar scenario and happens time and time again to autistic people of all ages.

We had ten years of abuse and harassment from a neighbour's sons and the police were involved regularly. We moved after the neighbours joined in. It's nice where we are now and the people are nice.

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Clarice99 · 24/02/2022 09:06

Situations like this are so commonplace as people just don't seem to have a basic level of respect for others. I hope that the housing officials actually do something for this man and his family and they aren't just paying lip service.

I am so sorry to hear you had to endure years of neighbour abuse @BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation. Everyone has a right to feel safe in their own home. It must've been horrendous for you and for your family.

This BCC documentary shows very harrowing stories from various people who have health problems/disabilities.

Targeted: The Truth about Disability Hate Crime:

Our criminal justice system should be much tougher on apprehending, prosecuting and punishing the scumbags who engage in this type of behaviour as it ruins lives.


MaggieMooh · 25/02/2022 07:31

This is awful. I don’t think his autism is particularly relevant here though. The bullies don’t even know him, they’re just abusing a stranger.


BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 25/02/2022 09:56

@MaggieMooh they don't need to know he's autistic, but they do know he presents differently and can't defend himself.

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