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Treelines · 23/02/2022 21:10

If you are autistic, how does stress manifest in you? I’ve had a very stressful few weeks, and now it seems I’m spiralling into an anxious depressed place. My health anxiety has come back, but I’ve also become so frantic - my focus is usually wanting to have control over my environment - so I’ve painted the kitchen, worn myself out, and have ended up frustrated and unhappy on top of it all as I don’t like the colour, and as usual I rushed it. I’ve also been swapping pictures around, moving furniture, etc… but not been able to relax. Does this sound familiar to anyone? TIA

OP posts:

BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 23/02/2022 21:38

Yes, I also obsess over my environment if I'm stressed, mainly related to cleaning and tidying. I also experience physical manifestations of anxiety such as fast heart rate, palpitations, shaking, breathlessness and feeling over heated. I then get exhausted and have to sleep.

Are you taking any medication for your anxiety? Meds can certainly help.


LilyRed · 23/02/2022 22:59

I'm a bit like Barrow, I obsess over cleaning and get a fast(er) heart rate (it is already too fast and have to take Ivabradine) I also stim a lot more with leg jumping and clothes pulling the worst. I find it hard to focus and It makes me very tired.


Treelines · 24/02/2022 07:19

@BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation I do take anti anxiety medication for OCD and health anxiety. Maybe that is why I’m not recognising the anxiety element so much. I just cannot relax or do anything I enjoy. I have to remove myself from the environment- so I have been going out every morning - keeping busy out of the house so I don’t obsess.

OP posts:

BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 24/02/2022 08:56

I can relate to this. I have to go out as well. Sometimes I feel as though the house is controlling me with its endless demands to be cleaned and managed. I don't know what the solution is tbh because I think it's a manifestation of anxiety and meds can only do so much.


ofwarren · 24/02/2022 09:49

I get bad health anxiety too when I'm stressed.
My coping mechanism is to try and spend less time online and to go out in nature. I get a sort of cabin fever when I'm stressed and need to leave the house.
This whole war with Russia thing is going to send me into a tailspin, I just know it.


BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 24/02/2022 11:06

@ofwarren it'll be okay, the world's been here several times with Russia and we're still here to tell the tale.


Percie · 24/02/2022 12:48

This is very familiar to me, too. I redecorate as a coping mechanism when very stressed. Usually an intensive clean/declutter helps. This time though I can't even do that and I'm sat here watching things get worse unable to do much beyond washing up/laundry. I hate it.

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