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Does anyone else enjoy colouring books?

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kobacat1981 · 20/02/2022 15:27

I got into the hobby a few years ago and find it incredibly relaxing and actually one of the few things that actually helps to settle my mind. I really enjoy mandalas in particular especially the different designs and layout of the mandala. If you enjoy colouring, do you have any favourite themes or colouring books?

OP posts:

ofwarren · 20/02/2022 15:32

I've got a new one coming from the works actually.
The last one I had was forest scenes but it's too green for me.
This one is classic Disney.


Percie · 20/02/2022 15:57

Yes, I do! I have some winter scenes and some colourful patterns


ShiftingSands21 · 20/02/2022 17:44

I haven’t tried colouring books but I am really into diamond painting. I also watch YouTube videos of other people doing it!


BobbinThreadbare123 · 20/02/2022 17:45

Yes I like them but I'm quite fussy about what pictures are in them! I like a sweaty one or a tattoo style one.


kobacat1981 · 20/02/2022 18:22

So wonderful that so many of us enjoy itFlowers @ShiftingSands21 I really want to try diamond painting

OP posts:

BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 20/02/2022 19:05

I don't do colouring books, but I have an app where you colour mandalas and I do the same with flat stones and pebbles that I find.


PangoPurrl · 20/02/2022 21:32

Oooh, I really want to get in to them as I hate that I'm always on at least one device as well as watching TV during downtime. I know that I need something for my hands to do to allow my mind to focus on a visual/audio stimulus, and the idea of colouring seems perfect. I end up feeling completely wired when I'm simultaneously watching TV, scrolling social media on my phone and playing a game on my tablet, unsurprisingly! I purchased a couple from my local charity shop ('enchanted forest' and 'a million cats') a couple of weeks ago and this has reminded me to actually try them!

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