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Anybody have allergies?

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BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 20/02/2022 09:18

I'm plagued by allergies which have become worse over the years. I'm on a strong daily antihistamine now and I can't use mainstream hygiene products, makeup, hairstyling stuff etc.

Anyone else?

Also, anyone here experience chemical sensitivity? I can't tolerate air fresheners, reed diffusers, artificial fragrances, some essential oils etc.

OP posts:

ofwarren · 20/02/2022 09:23

I don't have allergies as such but I seem to get transient ones that I don't know where they are coming from. An antihistamine stops the symptoms so it's definitely a reaction.
My face skin is also very sensitive and most creams and soaps make it flare up.


ShiftingSands21 · 20/02/2022 09:32

Mine are getting worse. I was always very allergic to cats and horses and had bad hay fever. Had episodes of random unexplained hives etc. Since pregnancy have developed oral allergy syndrome in relation to some food like bananas. Recently went into a house with an air freshener and had a scary reaction where my throat started closing and I lost the ability to talk but thankfully an antihistamine helped. But not had anything with hygiene products as yet - though I use relatively few.


BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 20/02/2022 10:37

I suspect my upper respiratory tract and eye ones have got worse since I adopted my youngest cat. I could never let my cats go to another home because they're family members. I'll just take the antihistamine and try to keep on top of things.

The air fresheners are terrible. I couldn't continue working in care homes because of them. The damn places are over run with them.

OP posts:

ShiftingSands21 · 20/02/2022 10:46

I don’t think those air fresheners can be good for anyone even without allergies. Not sure why they are so ubiquitous!


BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 20/02/2022 10:52

I don’t think those air fresheners can be good for anyone even without allergies. Not sure why they are so ubiquitous!

They're really bad respiratory irritants and contain known carcinogens. They should really be banned, but the industry is worth millions apparently so, go figure 😥

OP posts:

BoardLikeAMirror · 20/02/2022 11:52

Some perfumes/fragrances give me a terrible headache - I've never been able to pinpoint which ingredient causes it. I'll put it on and it will smell fine for a couple of minutes, then suddenly it will 'turn' and the headache starts. If someone I'm in a room with is wearing one of them, I'll also get the headache. There are some I'm fine with but I don't often wear fragrance - it always makes me feel vaguely 'unclean' even if I really like the smell.


RainbowZebraWarrior · 20/02/2022 11:57

Yes I'm a ball of allergies. Hay fever, allergic to house dust and house dust mites and more. I have chronic urticaria (hives) so am on multiple antihistamines a day. Have asthma that is worsening with age. Food sensitivities, IBS, Reactive to all sorts of chemicals. Can't use spray deodorant, air fresheners are a no no for me too. It's just another reason to stay at home really. Because if I go anywhere I'm at the mercy of people spraying perfume etc. Had a major asthma attack in Sainsbury's once because someone decided to 'test' a body spray out in the aisle next to me.

I'd love a cleaner, but it's impossible as they would turn up with furniture polish, bleach and oven cleaners etc. Nope. They hang around for days. My Mum once cleaned my oven with Mr Muscle oven cleaner and I had to move out for 3 days.

I'm being investigated for Mast Cell Activation syndrome. Highly fascinating, and complex. So of course naturally I've bought a huge medical tome on it, and researched the shit out of it.

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