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This board exists primarily for the use of Neurodiverse Mumsnetters. Others are welcome to post but please be respectful.

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Mabelface · 11/02/2022 12:41

Anyone else suffer? I pluck the hair from my face, although not my eyebrows. Have to have tweezers with me all the time and sometimes make the corners of my mouth sore through digging.

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LilyRed · 11/02/2022 13:36

Yes, I still pluck face hairs, but ended up with little bald spots on my head so I stopped as otherwise I'd end up with big bald areas! Now I hair twist instead.


Mabelface · 11/02/2022 15:16

Nice to know I'm not on my own. 😊

OP posts:

Baystard · 13/02/2022 16:23

I hair twist daily but it sometimes breaks through into pulling or breaking, particularly if I'm stressed. If I didn't try very hard I could happily pull out most of it.


MrsVeryTired · 14/02/2022 14:46

I do it excessively when stressed, so much that it gives me shoulder/elbow muscle strains.
But when I'm not stressed I do it gently and find it soothing, fiddling with my hair, definitely a stim for me.


knackeredcat · 15/02/2022 09:11

I had this when I was a young teenager and was being bullied. I ended up with a small bald patch on my crown. I'm also a hair twister these days.

Not to mention a chin hair plucker Blush

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