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Exhausted and Struggling

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EatSleepRantRepeat · 28/01/2022 18:43

That's it really - I've had a shit week at work, and I don't know how long I can keep this up for. I've worked relentlessly to get into the role that I have, but I can't progress any further without taking on the people management of a large team, which I hate and don't feel I can do because i can't do the interpersonal stuff. Everyone I train to take over parts of my job leave quite quickly once they're doing it for real, because the workload is really heavy, and management have banned part-time working. I've never had a career break since I was 16, even during my degree study, because I couldn't afford to, and now that I could, my DH has given up his FTC instead because he is depressed and hates his job.

Has anyone else ever been in this situation? I feel like I'm trying so much harder than everyone else around me to hold it together but it's wiping me out, I have no family safety net for any support whatsoever, so its just me & DH.

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BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 28/01/2022 20:30

It's so tough isn't it? Can you possibly look for something else? Do they know you're autistic so you could ask for part time on those grounds?

Work is the one thing I struggled with so much and which tipped me over the edge. Your health comes first, but I know it's not easy navigating the world of trying to reduce hours etc. You do have employment rights though.

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