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Anyone else have any opinions on common physical comorbities of ND conditions?

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Thoosa · 27/01/2022 17:20

Just emerging from a three day migraine and reflecting that certain things seem to often go hand in hand with autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia etc. These are often comorbis with each other, of course.

I’ve had more to do with autism groups and online spaces for parents of ND children than for ND adults, but a bit of both.

Over the years I’ve noticed in those groups an unusually high incidence of (top of my head);

Hyper mobility and Ehlers Danlos (sp?)
Coeliac disease and lactose intolerance
Chronic Fatigue (could sometimes be other things undiagnosed?)

Anyone else observed this?

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Serenschintte · 27/01/2022 17:26

ADHD and PCOS. I think anecdotally there is a link


Onionpatch · 27/01/2022 17:28

Nut allergy? I only say this because in my sons's mainstream school there was only two of them in the whole school with a nut allergy but at his special school the whole class had a nut allergy!


Thoosa · 27/01/2022 17:29

I wonder how much research goes into these links?

Thanks very dramatic @Onionpatch

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BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 28/01/2022 15:59

Yeah, these are all common comorbidities from what I'm learning.

We have certain types of genes which influence our health and bodily functioning.

I think there is some research going on into it, but I haven't looked recently.


kingsleysbootlicker · 29/01/2022 12:23

Issues with absorbing/using vitamin B12 seem common too. And general gut issues (IBS, SIBO etc)


RainbowZebraWarrior · 29/01/2022 12:57

Yeah, I put my list on the thread about co comorbidities earlier in the week.

Hypermobile EDS here along with many other similar / overlapping things

So far, they have not identified a gene responsible for hEDS, but they have for the other variants of EDS. Current research in the US shows early findings that it's actually more than one gene. So I do wonder about a genetic link / number of genetic links combining these co morbs.

As I always say to my DD, If our joints and other connective tissue is stretchy, and works more than other peoples, then our brain likely does too.


Thoosa · 29/01/2022 20:11

Yeah, I put my list on the thread about co comorbidities earlier in the week.

Oh grief how did I miss that?

I’ve fallen down a Google rabbit hole too now. Nice to know it’s being looked at.

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