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What are your favourite hobbies?

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rosequartz8 · 23/01/2022 18:20

I love reading, getting lost in a good book (especially thriller and suspense type books, they seem to be the only thing that hold my attention), knitting and adult colouring books particularly mandalas and crosswords

OP posts:

ofwarren · 23/01/2022 19:01

I'm really short on actual hobbies at the moment and mainly spend my time researching things that interest me. Actual physical hobbies in the past have been gardening, reading, cooking , walking etc. Nothing very interesting.
My inner world is more more exciting than what I actually do. I procrastinate so badly that I accomplish nothing


BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 23/01/2022 19:32

I love doing crochet. I can't concentrate on anything for very long though, so I like to just have things that I can pick up and put down easily.

I also like gardening.

I can recommend doing dot art. It's very easy and you get to work with pretty colours. I go onto Google images for ideas to copy.


AffIt · 23/01/2022 19:34

I read - mostly non-fiction (I particularly love travel memoirs and autobiographies), but I also like period crime thrillers and researching special interests, such as folk horror and maps (I love a good map!).

I love cryptic crosswords (my grandfather - who essentially brought me up and was probably autistic, too - taught me how to do them).

I also play the ukulele, very badly. Grin


AffIt · 23/01/2022 19:35

Ooh, also gardening (not very well, but enthusiastically) and cooking, especially East/South East Asian and Middle Eastern vegetarian cookery and preserving methods.


Money4icecream · 27/01/2022 19:35

I like reading- I also find that thrillers hold my attention. Like jigsaws every now and then, I used to love board games but don't have anyone to play with now.


LilyRed · 27/01/2022 21:56

making jam and marmalade - except there were more oranges than I have a pan for so I have had to order a bigger Maslin pan from amazon.
And a jam funnel, as DP threw mine out!
And I have to get more preserving sugar, because DP did not read the label and used it in his tea - eventually telling me 'that sugar is a bit peculiar'

Tomorrow I am off to the garden centre which also has jam -making supplies so I can finish it off when I get back! Here is lots of lovely orange peel soaking overnight before the first boil.

What are your favourite hobbies?

Scautish · 27/01/2022 21:56

Walking my dog


RainbowZebraWarrior · 28/01/2022 13:46

Drawing / colouring in (should do more)

Reading / Researching

Making Chutney and Chilli Jam

Soap making (when health allows)

Used to be gardening, but not well enough at the minute

I like arranging things in order like bookshelves, pantry items etc. Rarely get anything terribly meaningful done. Moat of time is spent faffing.


autienotnaughty · 28/01/2022 23:40

Reading thrillers and modern romance.
Crosswords especially skeletons


EinsteinVonBrainstorm · 29/01/2022 00:08

Walking my dog and paddleboarding. It’s soooo calming!


Percie · 29/01/2022 14:09

Reading, running, sewing and gardening, although there's never enough time to really do much with small DC around!


LilyRed · 01/02/2022 23:42

Well, I made about ten jars of Seville orange and ginger marmalade at the weekend and this evening I made some tangerine marmalade (photo) for DP as he can't find it in any shop. Tomorrow I will make a start on Lemon Lime and Orange marmalade as it is my favourite.

We should have enough for most of the year...

What are your favourite hobbies?

autienotnaughty · 02/02/2022 07:15

@LilyRed wow that's great. I like to bake although I'm not the best 😂


LilyRed · 02/02/2022 22:27

@autienotnaughty I am really not that good at baking cakes etc at all, even following the recipes to the line - I used to make bread, but cheat and use a breadmaker now Blush


felulageller · 04/02/2022 07:34

I sit in cafes and listen to people. Their NT world fascinates me.

I do little psychology/ sociology experiments on crowds eg watching and recording people's behaviour. I love counting, like how many elbows I can see and comparing men and women.

I collect books and try to read to catch up on my purchasing but it will never happen.

I go walking, try to jog a bit.

Do a bit of yoga.

Watch the same TV shows and films I loved as a teen. I watch them over and over. I have auditory processing disorder so now I can put subtitles on everything I'm picking up new things from shows/ films I never picked up on before despite so many views!

I love writing lists and writing in general.

I love having a new topic of interest and researching everything about it.

I like collecting all sorts of stuff.

I do a bit of genealogy.

I still read magazines.


LilyRed · 08/02/2022 00:36

@felulageller I like people watching, but apparently it looks like I'm staring at them! Shock One of the reasons I love visiting France is being able to sit in a pavement café and stare people-watch with impunity as everyone does it Grin


autienotnaughty · 08/02/2022 03:15

@felulageller I like to watch people but agree I often get some odd looks. I also day dream a lot so I find myself looking in peoples direction when I'm not actually staring at them!

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