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Advice for getting Dd diagnosed

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AutisticLegoLover · 21/01/2022 14:20

Dd is 13 and ticks more boxes than me (or is more tuned in to her traits and accepting of them) and she would like to pursue diagnosis. I am waiting still and have been for almost a year now. She's still young and is very bright and will go places if she has the chance. I'd hate her traits to hold her back and think a diagnosis would help her now and in the future as she might need more support when it comes to uni. How long does it take from GP referral to being seen and is a series of appointments? Thank you.

OP posts:

RainbowZebraWarrior · 21/01/2022 15:14

I'm in similar situation. DD is 10 and has been seeing school nurse for 3 years for sever anxiety. She's more recently displayed significant autistic traits so I've spoken to school nurse and SENCO who have said referral to CAHMS. They said pointless talking to GP as GP would probably say go through school (although I'm aware either can refer) ive been told long waiting list, but I have a meeting in 9 days so hoping for a more specific idea. The school have said in meantime they will help in any way they can as obviously suspect diagnosis is likely. I've been told it will br a series of assessments, including in class observations. I did do an initial pre assessment form with school nurse which took about an hour. I only really raised this a couple of weeks ago so I'm happy school are on board. Mind, DD does have a health problem and was also seeing school nurse so maybe that helped. Often I think initial response is 'ooh, where has this come from?'

I am also at great pains to go into detail with professionals. It's as if my brain has to make thrm understand. Probably comes from years of not feeling heard. As I'm DDs only advocate, I am more than a little of a lioness. Even though deep down I'm exhausted, I keep pushing as I can't bear to see her (or myself) go under. She too is very bright.

I had some counselling today and she recommended I speak to the parent line at a charity called Young Minds. She also recommended National Autistic Society. From what I can see though they have very specific helplines for certain scenarios.

Hope someone is along soon with helpful info. Sorry for the essay, and best of luck.


AutisticLegoLover · 22/01/2022 08:14

Thank you.

OP posts:

Runninghorse · 22/01/2022 08:18

The NHS process in my area takes 18 months to 2 years.

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