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Anyone been diagnosed with autism without sensory overload?

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Chubbycatt · 07/11/2021 10:49

Just that really.

My gut tells me a I have some autistic traits but not enough to be classed as autistic. Since my bro is autistic and I work with autistic people I feel like I over look for traits in myself.

I don't have sensory over load or meltdowns.

My main issues is that my processing speed for talking can slow right down when meeting people for the first time or if I am in a new environment.

It also can speed up when I'm in therapy which is annoying as I literally don't let the therapist speak. But even if I was I couldnt handle hearing what they said as I have RSD rejection sensitivity disorder/dysphoria. Anything they say upsets me. I'm not in therapy now for that reason.

When I'm stressed I struggle to talk and sort of shutdown.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks

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Chubbycatt · 10/11/2021 10:44

Mumsnetters with SN is pretty dead. I should just post everything on AIBU

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Percie · 13/11/2021 08:35

I'd write all that down and take it to your GP to request an assessment. It's really the only way to find out.


joobleydoo · 07/12/2021 19:17

Hi OP, when my second child was being assessed and diagnosed ASC, the OT mentioned in passing that you can have autism without a sensory profile. I remember being gobsmacked but she said yes, it's a thing.

And if you look at the DSM V diagnostic criteria, it doesn't include sensory difficulties in the triad of impairments. It does talk about repetitive behaviours (I think), which in many people are expressed as physical stims to help regulate sensory needs, but in others repetitive behaviours can be non-sensory based.


CrystalMaisie · 07/12/2021 19:40

We started with the as quiz, found online. I read that‘S how Christine McGuiness discovered she may betoo, it may give you an idea.
My dc was told by senco that she may have traits but wasn’t autistic. We paid for an assessment (nhs would have been years) and she was, not even borderline. It’s a spectrum, and every one is different. Combinations of different symptoms totally possible and usual.


Fuzzyhippo · 19/01/2022 16:44

I was diagnosed as a toddler with low functioning. No sensory overload just a very bad temper!


BringBackCoffeeCreams · 19/01/2022 16:49

i'm autistic and don't have meltdowns. When I feel overwhelmed I shut down instead. Stop taking in info, go quiet, retreat to a quiet place or if all else fails, go to bed.

I also didn't think I had any sensory issues but that's because I couldn't 'see' them. For example, my autistic daughter would have meltdowns over clothes and how they felt, itched, hurt. I don't. But then one day when I was buying clothes I realised I was dismissing items from just one touch because I didn't like the feel. From that I saw that everything I own was soft and stretchy and natural fibres. I'd removed the possibility of sensory overload from my life without even realising it.

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